Go Nuts At Carpo - London's New, Luxury, Healthy, Delicious, Artisan, Snackers' Paradise

Top quality nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and coffee have a new home in London in the form of Carpo, a magical emporium of a store in the heart of Piccadilly selling the very finest snacks from across the world.  www.carpolondon.co.uk

Located at 16 Piccadilly, Carpo is unlike other luxury food vendors in that it takes its customer journey a step further, immersing shoppers in the flavours, smells and sounds of the products and countries where they come from, giving a complete sensory experience.

Its extensive range stretches from popular favourites such as pistachios, peanuts and almonds, to the less familiar like whole sweet preserved lemons, goji berries and dried kiwi fruits. While the raw materials are from far and wide, much of the process and production required to get many of the ingredients from nature to the shop floor takes place here, and many products are straight from the oven to the shelf.

In Greek Mythology, Carpo was the goddess tasked with ripening and harvesting fruit in autumn and providing food for the people. It is this that has driven the philosophy and offer at the new store, with myriad choice of healthy, natural and exciting treats prepared using products harvested at the peak of their ripeness to ensure amazing taste. Quality and seasonality are all important, with particular care taken that product only arrives in the store when it is at its absolute prime.

Upon entering the store, customers are first hit by the rich aroma of the shop floor nut roasting ovens that are fired up at regular intervals to make sure products are as fresh as can be.

Stacked high and beautifully colourful, Carpo's bright and highly visual merchandising gives the appearance of a vintage sweetshop, with row upon row of glistening treats lining the walls. Slabs of chocolate in vast quantities are splayed across tables while rustic sacks bursting with the impossible array of nuts add a traditional market like feel.

It is this vast selection of nuts that is Carpo's star attraction and real passion. Each with its own unique health benefit and packed full of proteins, fibre and essential fats they provide energy and are the very heart of the store.

No less impressive is the eye popping display of home-made chocolate. The giant roughly broken bars include blends such as strawberry and pink pepper, or sesame and sea salt, as well as high cocoa content plain and milk varieties all made from top grade fair-trade cocoa.  

With so much to chose from it is only natural to want to try before buying, and this is very much part of the experience. Whether it's a simple walnut or something a little different, visitors are always encouraged by friendly knowledgeable staff to taste the many flavours before they part with any cash!

The store also boasts some of London's finest coffee, with both a take away offer and tables inside. Iced cappuccino is a signature drink - a great summery kick start consisting of espresso topped with whipped icy foam that is a favourite across Greece and much of the sunny parts of Europe.

Owner and founder Kostas Kontopoulos said: "Our London store is a completely unique concept in the UK. We have created a theatrical shopping space dedicated to top quality product that we hope will inspire people and show them just how good nuts, dried fruit and chocolate can be. Tasting is an essential part of the Carpo experience. As soon as customers try our products they understand why we are so proud of them, and they always leave happy!"

Carpo London
16 Piccadilly
London, W1J 0DE
Tel : +44 0207 2877233

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 08:00 - 21:30
Saturday 09:00 - 21:30

Sunday 09:30 - 21:30


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