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A simple chicken and pasta dish .

This is a simple chicken and pasta dish that kids love it easy to do and tastes grate. Also it is a sneaky way of getting vegetables in to kids with out them knowing.

You will need

1 carrot
2 onions
2 sticks of celery
3 cloves of garlic
Some fresh thyme
One tin of tomatoes
2 tbsp tomato purée
4 chicken breast
500g/1ld dry pasta
50g/2oz mature cheddar cheese

First you have to make your sauce. Now you can use this sauce with all kinds of things it is a basic tomato sauce that is made as far as I know all over the place and is full of good things.

Take you carrot, onion, celery and garlic and cut them up in a ruff fashion. You do not have to worry to much as all of this is going to be placed in to a blender. Add this to a pan with the tin of tomatoes and the tomato purée. Take the empty tomato can and fill it full of water twice and add that to the pan each time. Then turn on the heat and let it all cook away till it has reduced by two thirds.

Once the sauce has cooked you can blend it all together…

The Flavour Thesaurus By Niki Segit .

I have just got as a late birthday present a book called The Flavour Thesaurus By Niki Segit .
It is a intriguing and interesting book not full of recipes but of flavour combinations that you might have never thought of before . Also it has inspired me to put some of its ides in to practice when I do taste panels. A formula that can be decided on and then under stood.
I recommend that you track it down and have a look at it , most interesting concept and could prove to be better in practice
Follow the link below to see it on Amazon

The best meal of the day.

The traditional English breakfast is not for the faint hearted. Nor is if for the weak hearted as well as it can contain a lot of fried food but as long as you eat it every now and then you should be alright.
I do not know of many people whoa have a full breakfast any more. Most of us do not have the time to prepare or cook one. But if you do have the time it is a real treat and I personally do not miss on the opportunity to have a breakfast. It is best if you are staying in a hotel so that some one else can do all the work and you are able to pick what you want. If you are going for the full breakfast experience then I suggest you follow this pattern.
To start with you can have a little orange juice and some kind of fruit. The classic is half a grape fruit. As well as this you can start with a bowl of cereal. Also as you eat this you can have either your tea or coffee. Now it should always be tea with breakfast I was always told and you do not have coffee till ten o’clock in the mornin…

Philosophy and Cajon spice mix.

Finally, I have got it all together to get this blog as I want it and what I am going to put on it. What I thought would be a simple thing to do was not. Partly because I am so in two minds as to see if this is what the people want. Or is it just the fact that I want to do it for some other reason. I am slightly suspicious of my motives, why do I want to do this . So if one person come to my blog site and see one thing that they might like or thinks I could do that then fantastic, I have done one thing. But what that might be is only for every one to say and not for me to think about.

So here is what this site should be all about and that is cooking food and drink and any thing like that.

Cajon spice mix, use the same measure and get,
2 cayenne pepper
4 dry oregano,
4 dry thyme,
2 garlic powder
4 black pepper,
2 salt,
2 white pepper
2 paprika

Get them altogether and mix them together use them on steak , fish grill fry or barbeque best of all

Easy to make chocolate tart.

This is a quick and easy recipe for chocolate tart. If you do not want to make the pastry then you can buy some ready rolled stuff but all you will need is as follows.
For the filling.
400g or14oz Dark chocolate,70% coco solids is best.
350ml 12foz double cream,
150ml 5floz full fat milk,
3 medium eggs,
For the pastry ,
200g 7oz plain flour,
100g 3and a half oz butter,
Tow good sprinkle of caster sugar,
Pinch of salt,
Dash of vanilla essence,
And 2tdsp of water or more to bind it all together.

Start by lining you tart case , to make the pastry rub the flour and butter together to make a fine bread crumb add the sugar salt and vanilla and then the water and work till you have a good pastry. Line your tart case with pastry and blind bake it for the best result .
To make your filling take three quarters of your cream and milk and add heat till you bring it to a boil then add most of it to the chocolate so that it all melts together . Then beat the eggs together add the rest of the cream…