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Wine regions of the world 10, Czech Republic

This is a tricky one for me because I think I know more about Czech beer than I do about Czech wine but alphabetically I did Chile and in in my Oxford companion to wine Czechoslovakia is next. And that shows how out of date that book is as now, after the “Velvet Revolution” restored democracy in 1993 Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. So starting from what could be consider out of date source material I decide that I would do little research in to the wine and go to the wine shop and organise a little tasting. It is tough dirty work but some had to do it, actually I was surprised but I will come back to that.
The Czech Republic has had some kind of wine making or viniculture for a long time. Like so many regions it was first the Romans who brought the vine to the area and it was the Romans who established the first vineyards.  In fact there are a number of stories about the wine and history of the area but my favourite was this one.  The legend has it …

What is more important good food or good service.

Now as I sit and think about this I find myself in the unusual position that having worked both front of house and back of house I have seen both sides of the coin. And now as a chef, surrounded by chef I am in the company of people who constantly tell me that it is the food, the menu that is what people are looking for. You need the best ingredients, locally sourced and cooked with a very high level of skill. If you do not do this then you might as well not open.
In fact the media seem to think that if you have a failing restaurant all you need is a change of décor, a new menu and invite everyone in for a grand reopening and that is the problem solved. If only life was that simple. The problem is that service is just as important if not more important as having great chefs and wonderful food. It is the service that controls the orders that go into the kitchen , that can put a break on how many orders are being taken and when. If they are all taken at once and delivered to the kitc…

Pumpkin rum and raisin ice cream

Now with Halloween just around the corner this is the ideal recipe to make, it use up all the pumpkin that you just do not use making pumpkin lanterns. And secondly it is really nice ice-cream treat for you and the kids.
You will need.
225g/8oz pumpkin purée 100g/3½oz icing sugar, sieved 1tsp ground cinnamon 1tsp ginger 1tsp nutmeg The juice of half a lemon 250ml/8¾oz evaporated milk 284ml/13½floz pot double cream 50ml/1¾floz rum 75g/2½oz raisins
First you have to get your pumpkin puree; well you can do this one of two ways one steam it. Or two my preferred way slow roast it in the oven until nice and soft,  then take it out and just blitz the whole lot in the food processor. And when I say the whole lot I just mean the flesh from the inside not the skin and seeds, just to make that perfectly clear. To get the right amount as well you probably will have to start with 340g/12oz of raw pumpkin as you will lose a lot of weight in roasting it.  
Now once you have got your pumpkin puree …

New Y Crochan Larder stocks a delicious taste of Wales

27 September 2012 A brand new Welsh food and drink shop "Bwtri Y Crochan Larder" has opened at the Corris Craft Center in Mid Wales, and is the perfect place to visit on your UK short break. The Larder's shelves are stocked with a range of quality food and drink items produced locally and from within Wales. The Larder showcases some of the best food and drink made in Wales, many products have been awarded a coveted True Taste Award and been made by local food and drink producers based within a few miles of the shop. Natalia Mascaro, Manager of Bwtri Y Crochan Larder said "Since opening, the Larder in Mid Wales has been really busy and well received by our visitors. Our most popular product has been the selection of locally produced Welsh honeys, followed by our range of Welsh Chili products including jams, sauces and chutneys. Our Welsh fudges and chocolates have also been very popular." Products stocked in The Larder also include a selection of Welsh chees…

Bombay potatoes

Now I do not know how the potato was introduced to India but I do know that this is a very popular dish. Served as a side dish to any Indian meal or on their own as a snack they make a welcome change from just a few chips.
You will need 4tbsp oil ¼tsp mustard seeds 1 onion 2 or more  pinches of chilli powder ¼tsp turmeric powder 350g/12oz potatoes, boiled and quartered Salt to taste Some fresh coriander
Get a frying pan and place it on the heat and on a medium heat, add the oil and let that warm up. Now take just a couple of the mustard seed and add them to the oil, fi they pop then the oil is hot enough to start cooking. Add the rest of the mustard seed and be careful they will pop so watch out.
Once you have added the seed add the finely diced onion,  chilli and turmeric powders and stir them in. you want to cook those spice in the oil to give of all the flavours so cook them for about a minutes before adding the potatoes.
Once it is ready then add the potatoes fry them for about…

Welsh Cheese festival voted into UK’s top 10 of festivals

27 September 2012 The Great British Cheese Festival, now an annual autumn feature at Cardiff Castle, has been voted number two food festival in the British Isles. So why not pop along on a family day out and see why the festival is so great. The Independent newspaper chose its top ten, putting the cheese festival in second place behind the Galway Oyster Festival and ahead of rivals such as the Abergavenny and Ludlow food festivals and the renowned Isle of Wight Garlic Festival. Cheese takes over at Cardiff Castle as the main attraction from 22 to 23 September this year as some 10,000 cheese lovers make their annual pilgrimage. In its description of the Cardiff event, the Independent says: “There are more than 400 cheeses on offer here: some are local champions, others national winners – all are the very best around.” The weekend of pure cheese indulgence features the cream of the English and Welsh cheese industry on show in the scenic grounds of the castle. There are some 400 c…

London celebrates Mallorcan Food Week

27 September 2012 From 22-28th October, London’s top Spanish restaurants and Maltby Street Food Market will be celebrating the produce and typical recipes of Mallorca. Located just over 450miles from Spain, this Balearic Island is known for its olives and almonds, with over 4 million trees dotted throughout this 1,400 square mile island. During the week, look out for authentic Mallorcan specials on the menus at 5 of London’s top Spanish restaurants, including Pizarro, Tramontana, Barrafina, Cambio de Tercio and Barcelona Tapas. A select group of food producers, will be showcasing their wares at Maltby Street. Curated by Radio 4 panellist and Catalan Cooking expert Rachel McCormack, they will form a dedicated market running from Friday 26 to Saturday 27th. Products on offer include small family estate wines, artisan olive oil, preserves, specialist seasonings and almond based store cupboard ingredients: Oli Novembre Oli Novembre is produced from Mallorcan Arbequina olives. The …

A simple Chicken forestiere

Now I know lot of different ways of cooking this like so many dishes it has many different versions and this is just one. I also make it with red wine and no cream just good honest stock, just as good.
1 chicken breast A handful of dried mushrooms   1 shallot 1 garlic clove Some butter Some flour ½ glass white wine A shot of cognac Double cream Salt and pepper A sprig of fresh thyme
Now the first thing to do is soaked  the mushroom to let them re-hydrate and then drain of the water but keep the soaking juices.
Now take some flour and season with salt and pepper then cut the chicken breast into strips and dust the pieces of chicken breast cut into strips with seasoned flour. Now in a frying pan sauté the chicken for about 5 minute in butter until it is nice and brown. Now take the chicken out of the pan and place to one side keeping it warm.
Now place the pan back on the stove and add the shallot finely diced, thyme and garlic crushed into the pan with a bit more butter. Cook unt…

Giggling Squid Thai Restaurant set for Henley Opening

Press Release Giggling Squid, an 80-seater Thai restaurant, is to open in Henley-on-Thames on 6th November.  The latest opening will take the group’s total number of venues to five, adding to sites in Brighton, Hove and Crawley in Sussex and Tunbridge Wells in Kent
Giggling Squid, which opened its first restaurant in 2009 in Hove, has established a strong reputation for its authentic, rustic and fresh Thai cooking with the emphasis on street food and coastal specialities.   The food, described by The Times as “exciting”, is prepared by master Thai chefs using fresh ingredients, sourced locally where available.
The lunch menu offers a choice of six Tapas-style ‘tasting sets' that allow diners to sample several of different dishes in at a single sitting, costing between £8.00 and £10.50. Thai Tapas dishes can also be ordered one at a time with 16 individual dishes priced under £3.90. 
The evening menu is more extensive with about 40 dishes available.  The ever popular Thai Green Chicke…

Ring the Christmas Cheer, New Mince Pie Flavour From New Forest Ice Cream!

PRESS RELEASE September 2012 New Forest Ice Cream, is renowned for making ice cream using only the highest quality ingredients and in the same traditional method the company has been using since they started back in 1983. In an exciting new addition to their ever-expanding menu, the company has launched Mince Pie flavour, sure to be a big hit over the festive period.
Part of the company’s distinctive dairy range, the new Mince Pie flavour combines an irresistible blend of brandy ice cream, interspersed with indulgent shortcake pastry and delicious real mincemeat pieces. Suitable for vegetarians, the new Mince Pie ice cream is sure to be a festive favourite – effortlessly adding an unusual twist to the Christmas dessert menu this year.
Christina Veal, Director at New Forest Ice Cream describes how she feels the new flavour will provide caterers with something extra special this Christmas:
“Mince pies are one of the many things consumed during the Christmas period of indulgence - adored…

Quick sushi maki

Now I do not know if I am qualified to do this recipe. When you consider that it takes years to become a sushi chef and about three or more years to learn how to cook the rice, you kind of get the feeling that I am doing it some massive injustice. But having said that I will carry on any way.  
You will need, 255g/9oz sushi rice 55ml/2floz mirin 5 sheets nori sushi sheets 1 cucumber cut into 5 long pieces 5 spring onions 5tsp wasabi paste  light soy sauce Japanese pickled ginger
Now it is all about the rice and that is the main part of this dish. Everything must be really fresh now you can use salmon and tuna but you need really fresh fish. In this recipe I am just using vegetables but get the freshest best vegetables you can get.
First rinse the rice in cold water working it with your fingers , then wash it off and repeat for about four or five times. What you are looking for is the water to be clear and all that starch washed away, or as much as you can.  Drain the rice thoroughly…

The Beckham's and Mr Cenz celebrate Red Tractor Week 2012

25 September 2012 To celebrate the launch of Red Tractor Week, Red Tractor commissioned renowned graffiti artist Mr Cenz to create an iconic Massey Ferguson Red Tractor, on a 15ft tall hay bale wall in Hackney City farm, and as fun extra, they brought in top UK export ‘Beckham family look alikes’ to join in the celebrations. Launched 24th September, Red Tractor Week 2012 showcases what the logo means and explains how it provides the shopper with a shortcut to affordable, quality food and drink, covering food safety, environmental protection, animal welfare as well as a clear guarantee of origin. To join in the fun and take the Red Tractor challenge to buy, cook and eat Red Tractor products, you can go online to You can also follow the activity online at Red Tractor’s Facebook page and via the Twitter feed (@RedTractorFood #buycookeat).

Actor’s band to perform at the Half Moon in London

25 September 2012 Actor’s band to perform at the Half Moon in London Welsh actor Oliver Hoare, who is currently starring in his first major production, Anthony & Cleopatra, alongside Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall, will be performing at the Half Moon in Putney with his band Freddie and the Hoares. The performance will be part of Oxfam’s month-long music festival Oxjam and will take place on the 25th of October. Freddie and the Hoares have been playing around London since 2011 and by the end of October they will release their first EP Robin on a Pig’s Back, which will be available from Rough Trade or as a digital download. “Freddie and the Hoares jumped at the opportunity to headline the Oxjam event when it was offered. They understand that social justice and living with dignity is only possible if individuals band together,” their manager Peter Manousakos said. “Music is the ultimate social glue and we are thrilled and committed to giving everyone a night to remember.” …

London's first female Beer Sommelier challenges Wine Sommeliers in the Battle of the Bottle -a wine, beer and food matching contest

25 September 2012 London's only female accredited Beer Sommelier, Jane Peyton, is campaigning to change people's perception of beer and the notion that wine is the ultimate match for food. Jane is laying down a challenge for any Wine Sommeliers who want to accept it to co-host a wine, beer and food matching dinner where diners will decide what they prefer with each course - the beer or the wine. Will wine or beer win the Battle of the Bottle? Whoever spread the idea that wine is the best match for food has never tried to make a wine ice-cream float. Jane does a version with beer - place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass of Imperial Stout and sprinkle cocoa on it - Jane calls it a beer-puccino and it rules! Jane enjoys subverting people's ideas of beer being something that only goes with pork scratchings and a drunken kebab on the way home from the pub. She can match beer with any item on a menu, from a full English breakfast to crème brûlée and everything in b…

Blue cheese dressing salad

Now this is my kind of salad full of real flavour that you know is going to satisfy. Mind you if you do not like big flavours then this is not for you, but I know I like it. And if you do not like the idea of a sandwich then you can just make the blue cheese dressing and have that on a salad instead.
You will need 50g/1¾oz blue cheese 2tbsp cider vinegar 3tbsp walnut oil 3tbsp sunflower oil A dash of lemon juice Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste Some ice burg lettuce Some endive lettuce 2 or 3 chicken thighs A little thyme I slice of white bread A few walnuts Slices of apple
So to make your dressing you will need a food processor or some kind of hand blender. Now as to the cheese that you use it is up to you.  Personally I like a good strong flavour so any strong soft blue cheese is good if you ask me. Also I have used cider vinegar as I think it just gives it that right flavour but you could use white wine vinegar or any other that you like. And the same can be …


24 September 2012 SymphonyIRI Group reports 12 month analysis of FMCG trends 24 September 2012 – Bracknell, UK – The UK consumer is spending more money on the nation’s favourite comfort and convenience foods despite the ongoing increase in prices, reveals the recently published Snapshot Report, from SymphonyIRI Group, an industry leader in FMCG market measurement. The findings of the report highlight that convenience, innovation, snacking, new tastes and health are amongst the main drivers of growth where it’s occurring. For example, ready meals grew by almost 11 percent in volume over the past year, an extra £200 million spent on convenience via these products alone. Convenience and comfort come hand in hand, as the report puts Britain’s favourite meals such as Cottage Pie, Mashed Potato, Cumberland Pie and Shepherds Pie as some of the nation’s top choices by value sales. Non-alcoholic cold drinks, such as cola, energy drinks and mineral water, have performed well. Sales of …

A No Cooking Mango Sorbet

Heaving done one sorbet last night I am going to do another one to night, you wait for one sorbet to come along and the two come at once; you know what it is like. This is just a simple fruit sorbet using mango but you could use this method to make any number of sorbets, the world is your oyster. Also if you find that over a period of time the sorbet is just separating; do not worry at the end of this I will tell you how to bring it back together.  Also this one does not take any cooking either so no boiling sugar.
You will need 3 Large ripe mangos 250g/8¾oz icing sugar The juice of 2 lemons
First you will need to peel the mangos and remove the stones but be careful nut to lose too much juice. Then roughly chop the mango and pop it into a food processor. Now sift in your icing sugar to make sure that there are not any lumps. Then add the lemon juice and then blend everything in to a fine puree.   
Now you can put it in a an ice cream making machine if you have one or you can freeze…

Chocolate and amaretto sorbet

I do not think I have done any sorbet recipes on this site so far so it is time to put an end to that. Basically it is a flavoured sugar stock syrup that has been frozen and churned. Now I can hear people saying that I do not have an ice-cream maker so I cannot do that well if you follow this recipe I will give you to ways of making this to obtain the same result.
You will need. 250g/9oz sugar 750ml/1¼ pint water 150g/5oz cocoa powder 100ml/3.5floz Amaretto 2tsp vanilla essence
Now if you do not have a food processor as well as not having a ice cream making machine then I do not know what to suggest. What a sorbet need is a smooth texture and that is created by churning while freezing or freezing and then churning then. Now as sugar does not really freeze you can beat it by hand as if freezes but I would not recommend it, it is a lot of hard work.
First add the sugar and water to a pan and on a low heat dissolve the sugar into water. Once it has dissolved then bring it to the boi…

Hot and sour noodle soup

This is another of those really nice light and refreshing oriental soups that are in fact easy to make. Once again I would recommend using fresh stock if you are going to make this but you can use a stock cube, just think about the salt levels when you make it. Also with the noodles this makes a really filling meal as well. 
You will need 1tbsp groundnut oil 2.5cm/1in piece fresh root ginger 2 handfuls fresh shiitake mushrooms 1 red chilli 1tbsp Shaoxing rice wine or dry sherry 700ml/1 pint 5floz vegetable stock 220g/8ozcanned bamboo shoots 1tbsp light soy sauce 1tbsp dark soy sauce 1tbsp Chinese black rice vinegar A pinch ground white pepper 1tbsp cornflour 200g/7oz cooked egg noodles 2 small handfuls beansprouts 5 baby sweet corn 1 spring onion, sliced 100g/3½oz cooked chicken
Start by peeling and thinly slicing the ginger, slicing the shiitake mushrooms and de-seeded and finely chopping the red chilli. Once you have done this you can make your soup. Heat the oil in a wok until…

A Blackberry Chiffon pie

You can have any number of Chiffon pies as far as I know all kinds of berry ones, toffee and chocolate. It is I am told a very American dessert that is basically a sweet pastry base filled with a mousse like filling. As it is they are in season I have chosen blackberries but you could use any thing that you want.
You will need 250g/10oz plain flour A pinch salt 100g/3½oz butter 2 medium eggs 100g/3½oz icing sugar 1.3kg/2lb 14oz Blackberries 300g/12oz caster sugar A dash vanilla extract 2½tbsp corn flour 10tbsp water The juice of 1 lemon 1½ sachets powdered gelatine 100ml/3½floz double cream
First make the pastry base, this is a nice light pastry n really sweet and crisp when you bake it perfect for things like this. First sift the flour and icing sugar into a mixing bowl. Add the butter and rub it together until you get a nice breadcrumb texture. Then make a well in the centre of the flour, beat the eggs and add them a little at a time. Works from the edges bring the flour in to th…

A Jamie Oliver inspired Red Tractor roast for Kate and Wills

20 September 2012 UK mothers have come home to roost with Royal guests and classic dishes as the ultimate dinner party wish list, a new survey by The Red Tractor has revealed. One in four mums said they would most like to invite the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge over to dinner ahead of Dame Judy Dench, Jess Ennis, Mo Farah and David Beckham according to research by Red Tractor Assurance. Only one in twenty wanted to add some va-v-avoom to the dinner table and invite Shades of Grey author EL James. And while most households enjoy watching cookery programmes, the reality of juggling the kids and running a busy household makes them play it safe when it comes to cooking the evening meal, with over a quarter of families not wanting to take inspiration from television celebrities. Whilst two out of ten mums’, seek tips and recipes from the home grown, mover and shaker Jamie Oliver, ahead of Delia Smith, Nigella Lawson ; Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White and Heston Blumenthal don’t c…

The National Trust joins fight to save the great British pud

20 September 2012 The National Trust has announced it is backing a Government Minister's call to save the great British pudding. After being appointed in a recent cabinet reshuffle, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson urged people to be patriotic with their puddings, choosing traditional British recipes over foreign imports. In an interview with Farmers Weekly, Paterson said: "There is a huge dessert deficit in this country. We have a huge opportunity to replace imported desserts with desserts made here." He encouraged diners to swap desserts such as crème brulee and panna cotta, which use imported dairy products, for traditional favourites like apple crumble, treacle tart and spotted dick. The news comes as the National Trust prepares to launch its autumn pudding campaign, with free puddings throughout the month of October with every lunchtime meal purchased in its selected cafes and restaurants. The flavour of the month will be great British puddings, all made …

Noodle broth Veg

This is the sort of Japanese style soup that you can make but the thing is to have really good really fresh stock. Apart from that it is as easy as it can get. In fact you could say that this is a pot noddle that will do you nothing but good.
You will need 200ml/7floz hot chicken or vegetable stock 1 small piece of root ginger 1 small red chilli 1 garlic clove 3 spring onion 1tbsp Fish sauce A dash of sesame oil 1tbsp dark soy sauce 50g/1¾oz cooked chicken 50g/1¾oz rice noodles A small bunch of coriander
Now for this soup you want those nice white rice noodles that will cook when the liquid of the stock is poured over them.
Take your garlic and slice it as thin as you can, then cut the ginger into julienne. Now slice the chilli as thin as you can and then chop your cooked chicken in to nice little cubes. Finally cut the spring onion diagonally across the stem nice and thin and chop the coriander.
Now add your stock to a pan and let it come to the boil. Once it has come to a boil a…

Salad Lyonnaisse

A simple salad that is a real nice almost satisfy thing, as the egg yolk mixes in to the dressing and over the croutons. It is refreshing and comforting at the same time, if a dish can be.
You will need 2tbsp Dijon mustard 1tbsp white wine vinegar 3tbsp extra virgin rapeseed oil Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste Half a shallot, ¼ clove garlic, finely diced 100g/3oz smoked bacon 2 thick slices of white bread Fresh salad leaves like frissee, lambs , endive or escarole, prepared and washed Some chives Some chervil 1 egg A dash of white wine vinegar
First take a pan and fill it with water and bring it to the boil. Now cut your bacon into too nice chunky lardoons. Plunge them into the water for about 10 to 20 seconds then out and let them cool.  Now cut the bread up in to nice big croutons. Drizzle a little oil over them toss them in the oil and put that in an oven set at 170c/350f.
Now in a bowl add the 2tbsp Dijon mustard, 1tbsp white wine vinegar, 3tbsp extra virgin ol…

Festive Sweet Trees – the latest trend in Christmas treats

18 September 2012 An incredibly cute, edible tree hand made from Maltesers, drizzled with white chocolate and planted with chocolate raisins – what could be a more sumptuous gift this Christmas? With their new range of handmade Sweet Trees, have come up with a gift that would delight pretty much everyone on your Christmas list – and make the recipient extremely popular with the rest of the family! The Sweet Trees looks as good as they taste. Each tree sits prettily in a terracotta pot (not edible!) which is planted with chocolate raisins, fudge and coconut mushrooms, and stands approx. 30cm high, making a wonderful presentation gift, or table centrepiece. The sweets are lovingly arranged on the tree so they are easy to pick one by one for pure indulgence at the end of a leisurely meal, or can be sneakily plucked by passers-by when no one is looking! Rustic Angels stock a variety of Sweet Trees, all made from traditional family favourites. Choose from: Malt…

Local Food Van Man

Press Release Free Delivery. 10% off first order from Batchelors Local Foods For restaurateurs, publicans, hoteliers, deli and café owners in Kent and East Sussex who want to offer high quality, locally produced foods, but find the process of ordering from small individual producers time consuming and a logistical nightmare. Rochester-based entrepreneur Jason Batchelor has launched Batchelor Local Foods to solve the problem. Many of Jason suppliers do not have distribution networks or offer delivery and their products are only available in local farm shops and farmers’ markets. “With more dinners demanding quality local produce made by skilled artisans, rather than mass produced processed foods, catering businesses are have a one-stop solution,” said Jason, adding, “We have a fantastic array of craft food products locally, which I want to make available to a wider public. Minimum order value is £60 with free delivery. New customers can claim a 10% discount from their first ord…

Crème Caramel

For some reason I only see crème caramel in Chinese restaurants these days, I do not know why. It seems to be not of those deserts that has fallen from grace and is just not done any more. Fallen fowl of the cool more sociably excitable dessert, that parade in the more salubrious restaurants.  Well I’m still thinking of you even if no one else is.
To make a Crème Caramel you will need 160g/6oz sugar A little unsalted butter 4 eggs 1tsp vanilla extract 25g/1oz caster sugar 600ml/1 pint full-fat milk
All depending on your ramekins this will make about 6 caramels altogether.
You need to start by making your caramel, now when working with sugar be careful it really burns and you do not want that. Take the 160g/6oz of caster sugar and add that to a pan with about 5 or 6 tablespoons of water. On a low heat dissolve the sugar until all the granules have gone then bring to a boil until the sugar turns a dark caramel colour. Then take it off the heat immediately and pour warmed ramekins. No…

Jumeirah Beach Hotel announces official launch date of 360 Lounge and Club

17 September 2012 Jumeirah, the luxury global hospitality group and member of Dubai Holding, has announced details of the new-look 360 Lounge and Club ahead of its official launch on 11 October 2012. World-renowned superstar DJ Hernan Cattatneo will be headlining the launch, followed by Danny Daze and The Revenge, brought by Audio Tonic on Friday 12 October. Dubai's most famous nightlife venue will now occupy two levels of indoor and outdoor space with added bar areas, tables and seating as well as an elevated DJ console on the first floor. The new stylish and minimalistic design concept incorporates a contemporary colour scheme, chic furnishings and a state-of-the-art lighting concept. An integrated music system enables two DJs to perform at the same time on each level while first floor restrooms and a glass staircase suspended above the water have also been added. A new cocktail list inspired by a musical theme includes drinks such as Nu Funk, Sunshine Soul and Unforgettabl…

Wadhurst opening for Simply Indian

“Strong fish and seafood offering” Simply Indian, a new 60 cover restaurant, is to open on the site of the former Wadhurst Grill on the East Sussex town’s high street on Tuesday 18th September. The menu will feature traditional curry house favourites, but will also have a strong fish and seafood offering. Starters include ‘Simply Chula Salmon’, ‘Kaffna’ – mussels cooked in a Bengali-style medium sauce and ‘Simply Squid Salad’ (each £6.95). Signature dishes include, ‘Bengali Mustard Fish’ – skinless fangash fillet cooked with mustard, cumin and fennel seeds (£12.95) and Steamed Sea Bass garnished with mild to medium herbs and spices (£17.95) Simply Indian, is the latest venture of successful restaurateurs Jamal Rahman and Kowsar Ali, who also own Indian restaurants in Bournemouth (Westbourne Tandoori), Reading (Bengal Beef) and West Drayton (Golden Curry), but were drawn to the area because of its affluent population and scenic countryside. “We decided to open a restaurant here aft…