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Can a thing like a recipe have intellectual property rights attached to it?

I think that now we must have had about every thing that can be cooked and eaten has been cooked and eaten. Is there in fact any thing new in food, and if there is can it actually be some thing so new and revolutionary that no one has ever seen it before. So if I make a stroganoff, sticky toffee pudding or even a salad do I get the right to say that I have the intellectual property to that recipe.
I know that millions of people out there will be saying yes, yes you have the right if it is your recipe. But is it my recipe or is it a collection of ideas and experiences that I have had and that have influenced me along the way. I wish I knew the answer but I do not, but I think no. Others will disagree but when it comes to thing like this it all depends on who you are and what you interest is in the matter.

What is going to be the next big thing and can we make it.

It was the other day in the office and we were talking about what was going to be the next big thing in food. And how do you see what it is going be and get in the market to make it before every one else catches on and does it.

The trouble is, is there any thing new in food or are we constantly reinventing the wheel. Mind you could say that about a lot of things so is it more to do with fashion. Are the big celebrity chefs the top fashion designers and we are just the rest of the retailer who look copy and then make as many of them as we can as cheap as we can for the mass market.

Or is that the point of any thing , you find a inspiration work with it and then get it out in front of the people and all you do is find that you get copied. And I can not complain as I have spent most of my life copying other people and using there ideas.

So is there any thing new in the world of food. The building blocks are always the same but its how you put them together that is what makes the diff…

Michel Roux Service, A brilliant program.

Well I have watched this program from the beginning to the end and I must admit that I have loved every moment of it. It has been a great program and I hope is the start of what could be a service movement. Seeing people going for jobs fount of house and getting real professional trained staff out there.

Having said that I must also say that seeing Ashley, the lad from Leeds, do so well is the best bit for me. The more you got to watch the more you got to like him the better he got and the harder he tried. I must admit that he was not the most obvious candidate for a scholarship, but he got one. It brought a tear to my eye and a big smile to my face. I do not like reality television as a rule but this really got to me.

Let’s hope that this is the start of something new.

Is more choice more choice.

Why is it that customers seem to think a bigger and better range of products will make for bigger and better sales. Is more going to lead to more? It would look like its will not. You launch a new product and it goes well you launch another and that goes well a third and that goes as well as the other two. Or does it, no you look at the first two and fine the first product you launched is not doing as well as it used to and the sales are falling away from the second. But for your new product sales are going well.

I read a study once that in America they had toe market stands one sole fifty variety of jam. The other sold six. The stand that sold fifty variety had a lot of people stand and taste the vide variety of jam. But the one that had six made more money.

Why this was, I do not know, neither could the people who had conducted the experiment figure out. But that is what happened.

So do not try and do every thing, concentrate your effort and you might get more results. The only …