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What Ya dooooing!

I have been watching the James 30 minute meals and I think I have to agree that you probably could not make most of them 30 minutes. But that is not the point , the point is to show that it is easy to cook and prepare food that taste great and looks good .So if you are not a person who normally cooks then you can get something together in just a short while what is wrong with that. The problem with that is we are now a nation of people who no longer cook but watch people cooking on the television. But apart from that what have I been doing.
A busy week this week travelling around seeing people talking about things and seeing just what, if any thing, I could do to expand the sales at work. This all sound very good but in an ever increasing competitive market it seems to get harder and harder every day.
Apart from that I have decided that I must star getting to grips with my Spanish, actually learn some would be a good idea this year.
And the other thing that I want to do is see if I…

Michel Rous's Service

At them moment I am really enjoying the BBC program Michel Roux’s Service. It is interesting to see some young people who have no background get in to what could be a grate career. Top thing to watch and I personally can not wait to see the final outcome.