Biscoff helps to shake Up Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu

Gourmet Burger Kitchen will be launching an exclusive menu on 30th March which features a Banana Biscoff Milkshake. Partnering with Lotus Biscoff, the brand behind the iconic ‘little red biscuit’ and celebrated Kiwi chef, Peter Gordon, Gourmet Burger Kitchen has created a drink that utilises Biscoff crumb to ‘shake up’ the classic banana flavour.

Having created the original Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu back in 2001, Peter has remained a key part of the GBK family. Fourteen years on and Peter is still doing what he does best – experimenting with the very latest ingredients, textures and flavours. It is no wonder then that Biscoff is now a chosen ingredient for his brand new menu.

Created in his trademark fusion style, the new milkshake blends delicious banana ice cream with the sweet caramelised taste of the much loved flavour of Lotus Biscoff. The crumbly texture of the biscuits aligned with the smooth creamy banana is said to be the perfect marriage of flavours and is the ideal accompaniment to the hearty main course choices. Its refreshingly sweet and fruity taste designed by Peter Gordon to complement a range of new flavours on his exclusive menu, is destined to tempt customer’s taste buds across the country.

Frances Booth, Category Marketing Manager at Lotus Biscoff is thrilled with the brand alignment:
“Over the last year the flexibility of Lotus Biscoff has been recognised by both chefs and food development directors alike. We are seeing both our Biscoff spread and biscuits being used as an ingredient in an ever wider range of dishes, much to the delight of our loyal customers. The Banana Biscoff milkshake created for the Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu by Peter Gordon is further evidence of how creative chefs can be.”

Made fresh to order, the new Banana Biscoff Milkshake will be available in Gourmet Burger Kitchen outlets from the 30th March when the special menu is launched. The combination of two tasty, classic flavours, has led expert chef Peter Gordon and Gourmet Burger Kitchen to create the perfect, sweet indulgent drink!

For further information, visit or call 0800 834 050.

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