Recipes and more.

If you are looking for recipes, wanting to develop your own brand or thinking of opening a restaurant hopefully you will find what you are looking for here.

It is not a one stop shop but just things that I have over the years found very useful

First is the recipe file, below is a link to a file that I have been posting recipes to, so you can down load them, basic three page excel sheets, master recipe, them a costing sheet for you to fill in then a batch recipe sheet that you change the amount of covers on and it works out how much you need. For all the recipes uploaded so far and a blank recipe sheet for you to use click here on the link below.
And now I have posted some guides for anyone who is mad enough to be thinking about if you want to open your own restaurant.

My general experience is it never easy, it never goes to plan, always something happens in the build or renovation that you did not expect or budget for and if you do not like stress on top of stress on top of stress then go for it.

Hopefully you will find them helpful and informative, but they are a guide, not gospel truth. Every business is different what works for you might not work of any other restaurant. Evan if you copy a successful restaurant, you will not have the same staff, building or just the same luck.

So I hope that you find them helpful.


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