Fresh pasta dough

To make Fresh pasta dough is not as hard as it sound, it fact it is relatively easy.  Once yu have master the techniques involved then you can make flavoured pastas of your own. Also you can freeze it and use it from the freezer as well so make a big batch and cook as and when you need it.

You will need,
140g or 5oz plain flour
1 whole egg
1 egg yolk

Now you probably will hear a lot of talk about using “Italian 00 flour” and think what is that. Well basically in Italy flour is grade by a thing called the “zero rating”, a 0 flour is quite coarse in texture and a 000 is much finer. Normally you use 00 to make pasta, or just common plain flour.

For ease of mixing put the flour in a food processor and pulse it, save time sifting it. Then add the egg and egg yolk, and mix until you have fine breadcrumb mix. Tip this out and then from the dough by kneading it into a ball shape. Keep knead it for about one minute or so, until you have a solid lump of dough. Then wrap in cling film and pop it in the fridge for about an hour.

Now for the purposes of this recipe I am going to assume that you have a pasta machine. Cut the dough into two pieces flatter this to about a flat thick oblong disk. Set the pasta machine to it widest setting and then pass the dough through the machine. Fold the dough over and do this again refolding and rolling seven or eight times. You want a rectangular shape to the dough. This work rolling and re rolling helps give the pasta a sort of smooth finish and it is this that gives it its texture.

Once you have worked the pasta now you can start to roll out. Starting at the widest setting, pass the dough through the machine. Then turn the roller setting down grade, pass the dough through the machine. Keep doing this going down a grade with each time until you get the thickness that you require.

Use straight away to make the ravioli, or cut and cook in boiling salted water for one or two minutes and it is ready to eat.

Posted by Marcus Wise
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