The best meal of the day.

The traditional English breakfast is not for the faint hearted. Nor is if for the weak hearted as well as it can contain a lot of fried food but as long as you eat it every now and then you should be alright.
I do not know of many people whoa have a full breakfast any more. Most of us do not have the time to prepare or cook one. But if you do have the time it is a real treat and I personally do not miss on the opportunity to have a breakfast. It is best if you are staying in a hotel so that some one else can do all the work and you are able to pick what you want. If you are going for the full breakfast experience then I suggest you follow this pattern.
To start with you can have a little orange juice and some kind of fruit. The classic is half a grape fruit. As well as this you can start with a bowl of cereal. Also as you eat this you can have either your tea or coffee. Now it should always be tea with breakfast I was always told and you do not have coffee till ten o’clock in the morning. The idea that the coffee is a pick you up. And if you have all this for breakfast you might need a pick you up to keep you going.
The second cores it the cooked breakfast. Now this can range from any number of things. Fish like grilled kippers, smoked salmon with scrabbled eggs or poached smoked haddock. All so we have a dish called kedgeree, a mild spiced fish dish from the days of empire. This is normally smoked haddock in rice with boiled eggs.
But more traditionally you have your fry up. This is bacon, sausage, black pudding and kidneys all grilled. Along side them you have mushrooms, tomato, fried bread and some kind of fried potato. And then you have the eggs fried, poached or scrabbled. It is this that is the main event and well worth having. Now not every one will like the idea of eating a black pudding but it should not stop you from trying it. A good black pudding is creamy tasting.
Now if you have managed to get all the way threw all of that it is time for a little toast and preserves. By that I mean marmalade or a little jam. Now you can have almost any kind of jam or marmalade. The varieties are endless and surprisingly different. One of my favourites is a lemon and line marmalade or possible orange and ginger.
And that is a English breakfast. Some will ask why I have not included porridge and as any good scot will remind you that porridge is Scottish and not English. A small thing that most English over look and the Scots rightly get annoyed about.


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