Philosophy and Cajon spice mix.

Finally, I have got it all together to get this blog as I want it and what I am going to put on it. What I thought would be a simple thing to do was not. Partly because I am so in two minds as to see if this is what the people want. Or is it just the fact that I want to do it for some other reason. I am slightly suspicious of my motives, why do I want to do this . So if one person come to my blog site and see one thing that they might like or thinks I could do that then fantastic, I have done one thing. But what that might be is only for every one to say and not for me to think about.

So here is what this site should be all about and that is cooking food and drink and any thing like that.

Cajon spice mix, use the same measure and get,
2 cayenne pepper
4 dry oregano,
4 dry thyme,
2 garlic powder
4 black pepper,
2 salt,
2 white pepper
2 paprika

Get them altogether and mix them together use them on steak , fish grill fry or barbeque best of all


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