Easy to make chocolate tart.

This is a quick and easy recipe for chocolate tart. If you do not want to make the pastry then you can buy some ready rolled stuff but all you will need is as follows.
For the filling.
400g or14oz Dark chocolate,70% coco solids is best.
350ml 12foz double cream,
150ml 5floz full fat milk,
3 medium eggs,
For the pastry ,
200g 7oz plain flour,
100g 3and a half oz butter,
Tow good sprinkle of caster sugar,
Pinch of salt,
Dash of vanilla essence,
And 2tdsp of water or more to bind it all together.

Start by lining you tart case , to make the pastry rub the flour and butter together to make a fine bread crumb add the sugar salt and vanilla and then the water and work till you have a good pastry. Line your tart case with pastry and blind bake it for the best result .
To make your filling take three quarters of your cream and milk and add heat till you bring it to a boil then add most of it to the chocolate so that it all melts together . Then beat the eggs together add the rest of the cream and milk to that and mix the chocolate and the egg mix together .
Now pour the chocolate custard in to the tart case and bake in a medium hot oven till the custard sets .
It is fast easy and vert tasty to make , always looks good and to other seem more comlecated to make that it is .


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