Arapina Bakery WOWS Everyone With Their Vegan Wedding Cake

Arapina, the distinct bakery based in Greenwich, challenges the misconceptions people have about what tasty, attractively appetising vegan, vegetarian, free from, and 'low in' dishes can look and taste like, with their spectacular Vegan Wedding Cake.

When the couple, Petros and Panos approached Michaela to create a Vegan wedding cake, they did not anticipate that the creation would look and taste so spectacular. “The cake looks amazing,” said the excited couple.

On arrival to the venue, the couple took a photo of the cake and placed it on Facebook. The image attracted over 1000 views, was shared numerous times and received many comments.

Arapina's Founder and Director, Michaela Pontiki of Greek heritage, is passionate about producing food that is not boring. Her holistic approach to championing and encouraging people to have a healthy relationship with food is at the heart of what she does. Her bakery supplies appetising, attractive gluten-free products; as well as products suitable for Vegans and Vegetarian, from cakes to pastries, preserves to treats, Arapina's wide selection of food, keeps customers coming back for more.

“We are always proud of our creations and we are very proud that so many people appreciated the cake. I am passionate about the power of quality food.” said Michaela “I do not believe that food should be about denying yourself, but instead, we are focused on helping people to appreciate and embrace healthy, natural and delicious dishes and products. All of our ingredients are natural and where possible organic, as well as not containing additives, preservatives, and GMO. “

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