Food and Drink Company Brew Club Builds Bonds Over Beer Brewing

When it comes to corporate entertainment, Brew Club, a different and new kind of brewery, has come up with the ultimate solution – brewing your own beer in the heart of East London.

Over the decades everything from wine tasting to days at the spa, have proven great options for client entertainment. However, in the 21st century a traditional technique, with a modern day twist, is proving to be an increasingly popular activity for larger groups; including businesses of all sizes at Brew Club.

In teams of 2-4 per Braumeister (a state-of-the-art brewing station), each group can choose from 3 different types of beer to brew and leave with up to 40 bottles. In addition to being educated on the skills of brewing, Brew Club has their own tap room where you can sample local beers.

Brew Club's co-founders Rob Berezowski and Jo Llewellyn-Jones said: “We have spent many days with friends at home brewing all sorts of styles of beer. For us beer brewing is definitely a social as well as a personal pleasure; there's nothing better than getting a group together and putting a brew on.” They continued, “there is something really satisfying about trying different recipes and ingredients and then getting to taste the results”.

Brew Club's packages start at £1500 for up to 10 people. The activity includes; learning and participating in the art of brewing, lunch, beer flight (a sample of the three recipes on offer), which lasts around 4 – 5 hours. Also included is the bottling and delivery of the beers, which will be arranged by Brew Club.

The one bit of advice we give is, do not drive and come prepared for fun, as Brew Club has a tap room which will be well stocked with delicious beers from a local brewery.


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