Book Of Buns Released Nationwide In UK

Jane Mason's second book, The Book of Buns has been released nationwide in book stores in the UK.  As with her first book, All You Knead Is Bread, Mason has pulled together a gorgeous collection of unique recipes from all over the world.  This time, the focus is on buns - sweet and savoury, every day and special. 

Buns have a special place in our history as they were originally made to allow poor people to buy their own whole "loaf" in miniature rather than buy a small piece of a larger loaf - giving dignity to everyone's bread purchase. From Asia to the Middle East; from Africa to the Americas; and to our own European shores, Mason has researched and travelled widely. She, with the photographer Peter Cassidy, provide the reader with plenty of clear, step by step photography and simple instructions to enable bakers of all levels to bake a new bun every week for over a year in order to find a favourite!

How to shape baguettes from Virtuous Bread on Vimeo.


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