Easter Family Time With DIVO Italian Cheese

Bring the family together this Easter with DIVO, the award-winning range of Italian recipe cheeses...

Whether used as an ingredient in a favourite recipe or eaten on its own with freshly baked bread, cheese is as much a part of the Italian table as pasta, olive oil and a glass of Chianti. Why not use DIVO’s range of Italian cheeses in family meals this Easter?

Top Chef, Aldo Zilli has teamed up with DIVO, and has chosen two of his favourite recipes featuring two cheeses from the DIVO range - Turkey Escalopes with Lemon Sauce and Cannoli alla Siciliana using Parmigiano Reggiano and Ricotta respectively.

Parmigiano Reggiano is a hard cheese made with milk, salt and rennet and PDO certified from Parma, Italy.  A crunchy and crumbly texture with fruity and nutty flavours, it is matured for at least 24 months from selected mountain dairies where the cattle graze on the lush high pastures and their milk gives this Parmigiano Reggiano an outstanding flavour.  It is delicious added to a steak or a risotto, or simply grated over pasta.

Highly commended at the Nantwich International Cheese Awards, DIVO’s Ricotta is creamy, smooth but slightly grainy cheese is uniquely made using a blend of cows’ and sheep’s cream for a rich taste.  Available in hand twin pots for freshness, it is perfect for using in sweet and savoury dishes alike, such as a classic cheesecake or stuffed Cannelloni.

Aldo commented: “Cannoli can be ready-made so you just need to add the filling, which is much easier and saves time.  However, if you do make them, make extra and freeze them until the next time. You can buy cannoli moulds from good cook shops. This recipe makes four large cannoli.”

The other cheeses in the range are the grated heart of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, the vegetarian grated Italian hard cheese and cubed gorgonzola PDO Piccante, they are available in Morrisons and Ocado with other outlets soon to follow.

Aldo toured Italy to help put together the DIVO range of cheeses. Visit http://www.divoitaliano.co.uk for more inspirational recipe ideas.  DIVO can also be found on Facebook http://facebook.com/divocheese and Twitter http://twitter.com/DivoCheese


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