Romantic Menu At Mango Lounge Windsor For Valentine's Day

Mango Lounge opened its door to the residents of Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead in December 2007.  Since then, the restaurant won multiple awards, and now attracts customers from further afield.  An award-winning head chef, Ashwani Kumar,  and a highly talented tandoori chef Manoj Sharma, supported by a skilled and experienced kitchen team, the restaurant is going from strength to strength.  The service in the restaurant is second to none.

The enticing Valentine's Day menu is one example of how Mango Lounge goes that extra mile to maintain its reputation and standard.

The ultimate romantic day of the year is here once again.  The right ambience, with candles and roses on the table, soft music, and food prepared with love and care using ingredients to fuel your passion, are all in Mango Lounge, Windsor.  We speak the language of love through our food and you will find plenty of love-laden ingredients on our menu.  Seafood, chilli, cardamom, cumin, chocolate, sensuous saffron, ravishing rose essence and more.  After all, why did Cleopatra use cinnamon and rose as beauty aids and Moghul Emperors relaxed in saffron scented rooms with their beautiful Empresses?  We even have a main course which is totally dedicated to love!

Lobster kedgeree
Scented with truffle oil and served with tandoor-cooked king prawns.  A double dose of aphrodisia!  £9.50
Tandoori monk fish marinated in yoghurt, chilli, carom seeds and orange zest, and served with black onion seed pickled onion, and green apple & mint chutney  £7.25
Pomegranate chicken spiced with cardamom, green chilli, cheese, yoghurt, garam masala and a dash of fresh pomegranate juice;  served with beetroot cake and chilli jam £6.95
Vegetarian platter
Fig and vegetable parcels, chilli broccoli, batter-fried stuffed mushroom; served with plum chutney £7.50
Benarasi chillies with chilli jam
Well-known for their aphrodisiac qualities, these feta cheese and pineapple stuffed chillies are truly enticing.  Served with sauteed noodles.

Main courses

Chicken Mumtaz Mahal, dedicated to Empress Mumtaz whose husband, Emperor Shah Jehan built the greatest monument of love in her memory, the Taj Mahal.  A luxurious dish with subtle spicing, cubes of chicken breasts in a cashew nut and saffron sauce. £11.25
King prawn vindaloo, spiced with red chillies, cloves, coriander seeds, garlic, ginger,  onion, vinegar  and balanced with jaggery and coconut £14.95
Apricot Lamb,  cooked with whole apricots, Kashmiri chilli, cumin and nutmeg, a hugely popular dish from Kashmir, the land of exquisite natural beauty £11.50
Indian cheese and green pea madra,  a unique dish, madra originates in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, a land of bliss and beauty.  Paneer and green peas are cooked gently in yoghurt, green chilli and garam masala along with onion and garlic. £9.95

Side dishes
Fenugreek flavoured potao,  baby potatoes are cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves,  garlic, onion and tomato £5.5
Dill flavoured chana dal,  split gram cooked with fresh dill £4.50
Pomegranate rice £3.00
Date and chocolate naan £3.00

Chocolate mousse with passion fruit kulfi £5.50
A decadent dessert, the richness of which is perfectly balanced by refreshingly tangy passion fruit.

Peshawari roll with rose rabri,   similar to the filling in a Peshawari naan these stuffed rolls are light and crispy and are served with 'rabri', a popular Indian dessert accompaniment which is made with thickened milk and sugar.  The addition of rose flavor gives it a unique touch.

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