The Speculaas Spice Company - Official Launch At BBC Good Food Bakes And Cakes Show

Dutchman and long term London-resident Steven Dotsch launching his Speculaas Spice Company at the BBC Good Food Bakes and Cakes Show taking place 25 – 28th October, 2014, at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.

StevenDotsch “The inspiration to launch my Dutch grandmother's recipe of delicious, warm and sweet tasting speculaas spice mix in the United Kingdom came from my love of eating truly authentic speculaas spice infused biscuits. Nothing comes close to the seductive experience, evocative taste and smell of freshly-baked vandotsch speculaas spice infused bakes, cakes and biscuits.”

And don't take my word for it . . . .

2012 Great British Bake Off finalist Brendan Lynch

“I am delighted to say that the vandotsch speculaas mixture of 9 spices proved a big hit in one of my trademark bakes, the Spiced Bundt Apple Cake. The vandotsch speculaas mix contributes a lovely combination of flavours that adds warmth and the urge to have another slice – always a good indicator! I am happy to recommend vandotsch speculaas spice for a wide range of cakes.”

2010 Great British Bake Off finalist Miranda Gore Browne

“What could be simpler than adding a few teaspoons of vandotsch speculaas spice, perfectly blended to create a heavenly warm speculaas taste. I love to add this to my Speculoos cake - chocolate and vandotsch speculaas spices make a perfect combination. I also love using it in my recipe for Speculoos biscuits - it truly is the perfect blend.”

Television chef and cook book author Manju Malhi

"The vandotsch speculaas spice blend is very easy to use and extremely versatile for that added kick to your dishes be they savoury or sweet. It has that warm aroma that evokes cosy evenings by the fireside and exotic far flung places due to the notes and hints of cinnamon and clove that are present."

The vandotsch speculaas spice mix consists of a perfectly-balanced mixture of nine spices including real, high grade, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, cloves, ginger and six other spices to give its spice mix that unique kick.

The Speculaas Spice Company pride itself in supplying their customers with only the finest spices in its unique tasting speculaas spice mix with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Where possible its spices are either organic, Fairtrade sourced or both.

In addition to the vandotsch speculaas spice mix that bakers can use to make their own delicious recipes, the Speculaas Spice Company also produces a limited range of vandotsch speculaas spiced infused products such as biscuits, caramels and popcorn. Bakers can discover the versatility of vandotsch speculaas spice when reading up on dedicated recipes with vandotsch speculaas spice at our 'All things Speculaas' recipe website

Steven Dotsch “Launching The Speculaas Spice Company at such a prestigious show as the BBC Good Food Bakes and Cakes Show allows us to share the experience of the vandotsch speculaas spice mix with many more people than otherwise possible (both consumers and relevant food-buyers) and I am looking forward to a successful show.”

The vandotsch speculaas spice mix comes in an easy 60ml jar and a 25g cellophane pack.

For more information

Steven Dotsch

The Speculaas Spice Master Chef

The Speculaas Spice Company Ltd

020 8374 8718


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