80 Years Since The End Of Prohibition

December 5th 2013 marks 80 years exactly since the end of Prohibition, when there was a ban on the sale of alcohol in the US.

The 12-year ban on the production, sale and transportation of alcohol in America, which was intended to preserve grain during the war, led to gangsters such as Al Capone and Bugs Moran claiming their fame as they spearheaded the birth of ‘underground’ alcohol consumption in hundreds of thousands of speakeasy clubs.

You can raise a glass today and have your own taste of Prohibition with premium white grain spirit, Bootlegger. Inspired by the raw liquor ‘Bootleggers’ moved around the US during Prohibition, Bootlegger is designed to be consumed unaged.

Bootlegger has a raw sophisticated taste with aromas of peat, oak and vanilla with a smooth finish and has been created for sipping neat over ice as well as in cocktails. The spirit is celebrating with a new range of cocktails reminiscent of the drinks consumed in the thousands of underground speakeasies.

The Capone 

50 ml of Bootlegger
30ml Grand Marnier
15ml sugar syrup
2 dashes of bitters
15ml fresh lemon juice
Splash of Champagne

Place Bootlegger, Grand Marnier, bitters, lemon juice and sugar syrup into cocktail shaker. Vigorously shake the mixture to combine and then strain into a glass. Add the Champagne to float and then garnish the drink with a raspberry

40% alc vol, in a 70cl bottle, Bootlegger is available from Harrods.com and other premium retailers priced around £37.50.

For more cocktail recipes and further information about Bootlegger visit www.bootleggerspirit.com


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