Warm Up This Season With Rekorderlig's Winter Cider Cocktails

With the clocks changing and the nights drawing in, there’s no better way to warm the cockles than Rekorderlig’s new Winter Cider Cocktail range, designed to match the rosy glow of your cheeks at this time of year.

Rekorderlig is fast becoming a premium cider for all seasons – and if you missed the highly successful Summer Cocktails earlier this year, this new selection of recipes featuring the limited edition Rekorderlig Winter Cider flavour will more than make up for it! Made with apples and infused with cinnamon and vanilla, the winter warmer is a truly unique ingredient for a delicious cider cocktail.

The cocktails have been specially created by Joel Persson, who has recently been announced as Rekorderlig’s Global Brand Ambassador.  Joel’s award winning mixology talent and passion for creating beautiful cocktails shines through in the unique menu using simple ingredients and methods which can be recreated at home or in bars, featuring a modern Swedish twist on some familiar classics.
The range includes:
Rekordernogg – an alluring mix of dark rum, sweet sherry, sugary syrup and Winter Cider whisked with egg on a heated pan and best served in a tankard
Rekorderlig Midnight Forest – ideally served in a pitcher over ice, this delicious mix contains cherry brandy, sweet sherry, bourbon and amaretto with Winter Cider
The Rekorderlig Hot Toddy – a winning formula of spiced rum, honey, lemon juice and Winter Cider, all topped off with a cinnamon stick
Svenska Mojito – a seductive take on this classic features two different types of rum combined with Winter Cider over ice flourished with mint leaves and lime juice
The Rekorderlig Snow Cap – a warming combination, which is definitely shaken not stirred in its preparation, it features oregat (almond sugar) with red wine, lemon, egg and Winter Cider sprinkled with icing sugar
Simple. Beautiful. Swedish.

Now who says cider should just be for the summer?

The recipes and methodology:

30ml Dark rum
30ml Lemon juice
20ml Oregat (almond sugar)
1 Egg white
30ml House Tempranillo
125ml Cold Rekorderlig Winter Cider
Branded Rekorderlig pint glass

Shake the rum, oregat, lemon and egg once with one ice cube to emulisfy the egg, then shake again with more ice. Double strain over ice into a Rekorderlig glass. Top up with cold Rekorderlig Winter Cider and carefully add the red wine onto the foam.

Garnish with a mint sprig and a cherry. Dust with icing sugar

30ml Cherry brandy
15ml Sweet sherry
10ml Bourbon
10ml Amaretto
2 Dashes Angostura bitters
125ml Cold Rekorderlig Winter Cider
Branded Rekorderlig 1/2 pint glass

Build all the ingredients into a Rekorderlig half pint glass filled with ice. Top up with cold Rekorderlig Winter Cider.
Garnish with mint sprig and 2 cherries. Dust the mint leaves with icing sugar.

30ml Dark rum
20ml Sweet sherry
10ml Sugar syrup
3 Dashes Angostura bitters
1/2 egg
200-250ml Hot Rekorderlig Winter Cider
Rekorderlig Winter Cider Tankard (250ml)

Mix all the ingredients together in a pan and whisk the egg into them. Heat pan on a stove, stirring gently. Pour into a Rekorderlig tankard.
Dust with ground cinnamon, then serve with a candy cane and star anise.

25ml Spiced rum
1 tbsp Honey
15ml Fresh lemon juice
1 Cinnamon stick
220ml Hot Rekorderlig Winter Cider
Rekorderlig Winter Cider Tankard (250ml)

Mix the rum, honey and lemon together in a Rekorderlig tankard. Add hot Rekorderlig Winter Cider and stir.
Serve with a cinnamon stick and an orange wheel.

100ml Cherry Brandy
50 ml Sweet sherry
25ml Bourbon
25ml Amaretto
8 dashes Angostura bitters
1 Bottle cold Rekorderlig Winter Cider (500ml)

Build all ingredients over ice in a branded Rekorderlig Cider pitcher and stir.
Garnish with mint leaves, cherries and orange wheels.

75ml Spiced rum
75ml White rum
15 Mint leaves
60ml Fresh lime juice
1 Bottle cold Rekorderlig Winter Cider (500ml)
Build all ingredients over ice in a branded Rekorderlig Cider pitcher and stir.
Garnish with lime wedges and sprigs of mint.

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