How to roast a pepper.

This is the sort of thing I will be saying over and over again in my blog coming up as I am of to Spain and a lot of recipes have roasted or cooked peppers in them.

The reason for roasting a pepper is to get rid of the skin and just leavening the flesh. Also it increases the flavour takes away any bitterness and helps in the flavour when cooking. And you do not have to roast as long as it gets hot and the skin blisters you will be fine.

First take your peppers, any kind but the best are yellow or red. Green peppers as they are the youngest and not fully ripe, have the least flavour, and are slightly bitter.

Now get the pepper and just put them under the grill on a barbeque or in the oven and cook till the shin has gone dark and the pepper is soft. The take the hot pepper and place in a bowl and cover with cling film and stick on the side or place in the fridge.

If you try and take the shin off the pepper when it is hot you burn your hands and by keeping it in a bowl it makes the shin easier to remove. Let it cool and then remove the stalk and the seed. The remove the skin from the out side of the pepper. The put the pepper back in with the water that has collected in the bowl until you are ready to use them, do not throw that water away it is full of flavour from the roast pepper, like a stock.

And that is that roasted peppers.

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