How to Skin and deseed a tomato.

This is some thing that a lot of recipes I will be posting will be asking for so if you are not sure of what to do I hope that this will explain it.

One take your tomatoes , you do not want ones that are to soft as it will be very hard from stopping them go98ng to a pulp as you prepare them. Then cut a small cross in to the base of the tomato skin.

Now take a pan of water, bring it to the boil, and have a bowl full of cold or ices water next to the stove.

Plunge you t9matoes in to the boiling water. Watch and you will see that the skin where you have cut it will start to com away from the tomato. As soon as this happens, get the tomato in to the ice-cold water as soon as possible to stop the cooking process.

Now all you need to do it take to tomatoes and using your finger just peel the skin from the tomato. The heat from the water should have made it very easy to remove. Then cut into four and remove the seeds with a knife keeping just the flesh of the tomato.

After that you can dice it use it in sauces and salads or just as a garnish on a plate .

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