Sherry or Jerez

Sherry or jerez is the Spanish wine from the southern region of Cádiz, and is enjoyed all over the world . Sherry has been around for many centuries. It is mentioned by the Greek as far back as the 4th century B.C.

The English have loved it for years and it has the image of old ladies how do a little sherry and gossip . or it just get stuck in a trifle . But sherry is more than that it is after all a wine and you get many kinds. Sherry can be dry right threw to sweet and all the ones in-between. So here I have pulled together a list fo the types and what they are like

Fino – This is a clear, light yellow and dry, light and fragrant.

Amontillado – It has an amber color and it a light and smooth sherry with a certain nutty bouquet

Oloroso – The colour of Oloroso sherry can range from amber to dark mahogany colour and is very fragrant.

Raya - This is part of the Oloroso group, but it is less delicate and does not have as much aroma.

Palo Cortado - This mahogany colure sherry is between Amontillado and Oloroso.

Pedro Ximenez. It is very dark and aromatic, having a bouquet of raisins. It has a high alcohol content.

Moscatel or Muscat is warm and sweet, and has a dark colour.

Manzanilla this is produced only in the coastal town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda where the bodegas actually have a special microclimate.

Blended Sherries

Now you have all number of blended Sherries. Dry varieties of sherry are blended with sweet ones to make medium sweet Sherries.

Pale Cream and Cream – Both are sweet wines. The Pale Cream variety Have a light colure and only slightly sweet.

Cream sherry is sweet, dark and has a very intense aroma. Cream sherry is actually

So go on have a sherry, me I like an Amontillado, but also a nice Fino over iced is very refreshing.

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