2 September 2011

Usually found in China Town restaurants as authentic Oriental sharing dishes
served with tea, Dim Sum cuisine is undergoing a transformation.  

The popular social Chinese way of eating is being turned on its head with
modern, celebrity-packed restaurants opening up – led by the
Michelin-starred Hakkasan and sister restaurant Yauatcha in London. 

However, there’s no need to pay Michelin prices to indulge with family and
friends. Beat the credit crunch by creating some tasty home-cooked Dim Sum
dishes with a little help from Wing Yip. 

The UK’s leading Oriental grocer offers a huge range of vital ingredients
for popular dim sum dishes such as wontons, dumplings and hom bao (Chinese

Wing Yip also has a full selection of prepared Dim Sum dishes available to
buy in store for quick and tasty treats for a night in. 

Mr Wing Yip, founder and chairman of the Oriental grocery empire, said:
“Dim sum is the perfect way to enjoy lots of different types of Oriental
food with others. Our Hoi Sin, Oyster, Mushroom or Sweet Chilli sauces are
the perfect accompaniment to add spice and flavour to a wide range of Dim
sum dishes.” 

Next time you’re in a Chinese restaurants look for the following tasty Dim
Sum varieties on the menu and try to sample a mix of steamed, baked and
fried dishes: 

Rice noodle rolls
Thin rolls made from a wide strip of rice noodle filled with prawn, pork,
beef or vegetables and served with soy sauce.  

Prawn dumplings are a popular dish you must try. Made with a translucent
skin, these little parcels make a divine mouthful. Also try vegetable, pork,
scallop and other variations. 

Fried dim sum
Deep fried squid, spring rolls and shredded turnip puff pastries all make a
tasty selection of fried dim sum dishes.  

Steamed sponge cake
For those with a sweet tooth, this sponge cake is steamed making it
deliciously moist. 

And for the more adventurous look out for chicken feet, pig stomach and ox

Wing Yip is the UK’s leading Chinese grocer, with stores in Birmingham,
Manchester, Cricklewood and Croydon.

Each store is situated close to the city centre with easy access to the
motorway and plenty of free car parking for customers.
A visit to one of our stores is like taking a trip around the world with
over 2,500 products from the Far East.

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