My Secret Kitchen, the UK's first food tasting company, launch their Autumn/Winter range of inspirational foods with a twist

 2 September 2011

The new range of foods with a twist from My Secret Kitchen have now been
launched and they are as intriguing as the rest of them.

White wine and Porcini finishing sauce. - was developed in response to
requests for something special for chicken, pork and white fish. A
finishing sauce is designed to be added at the end of cooking to bring a
finishing touch to your dishes. We've combined white wine with porcini
mushrooms to create an elegantly flavoured sauce. Add a touch to fish pie
or use with chicken stock for a risotto. It's also great for turkey
leftovers, finishing pasta dishes and making mashed potato extra tasty.
We've used a vegetable-based bouillon so the sauce is vegetarian too.

Chocolate Peppermint Sauce.  - We’ve combined dark chocolate with a
beautifully fresh peppermint oil and vanilla extract to create a cool and
creamy peppermint sauce. Add to ice cream and desserts; use to make
peppermint profiteroles; stir a heaped teaspoon into hot milk for a
soothing drink; pour over Ultimate Chocolate Brownies; or just open and

Mochaccino Cookie Mix.- A brilliant cookie mix, bringing coffee together
with chunks of white and dark Belgian chocolate.

My Secret Kitchen is the UK’s first nationwide food and drink tasting
company, and was started by husband-and wife-team, Clare and Phil Moran
They’ve taken the traditional Tupperware style business concept of home
demonstration parties and turned it into a wonderful food tasting evening,
where the host and his/her friends have an enjoyable time experiencing
unusual and different foods, sharing recipe ideas in a warm relaxed
non-pressure environment. 

The business concept has proven to be a great success in the recession for
food lovers who are looking for an extra income and have joined My Secret
Kitchen as a consultant, earning money from showing all the great foods. 

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