2014 British Street Food Awards

Street food used to be a cool, skinny-trousered thing that you only found in the coolest parts of East London. Not any more. On this sceptered isle of ours, it's everywhere.

In last year's British Street Food Awards (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H2PkvJJSCI), the prize for Best Street Food Collective went to Bristol - and the Best Street Food Event went to Birmingham. Which is why, for the 2014 British Street Food Awards, we wanted to make sure we reflected the truly national nature of what's going on out there.

So, for the first time this year, we're holding regional heats, with the winner (determined by a public vote on the new British Street Food app — and announced live at the event) getting a Golden Ticket — a guaranteed place to
compete in the British Street Food Awards finals in Leeds.

The finals - that have become an end-of-season institution since the Awards were founded back in 2009 - will also showcase the very best street food talent from across the entire European continent. Last year, the judges invited the top traders from Stockholm, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin to come and compete. And they went away with plenty silverware.

On the weekend of September 26-28, along with live street art, how-to-getstarted in street food seminars, children's entertainment, hip hop karaoke and beer buckets, the public will get to sample all the finalists, and vote for their ultimate winner. At stake? A life-changing prize. And bragging rights - big time.

Here's the run-down of the regional heats:

The Central Heat, in Birmingham, on May 2

The West and Wales Heat, in Bristol, on May 10

The South Heat, in Brighton, on June 14 https://twitter.com/StreetDiner,

The North Heat, in Manchester, on June 14 http://www.guerrillaeats.co.uk/bsfa

The East Heat, in Norwich, on July 31 http://www.feastonthestreet.co.uk/british-street-food/

We're hoping to organise a Scottish heat, in Edinburgh, but it's proving a bit tricky. For the latest information on all the preparation for the Awards, plus updates on the judges, the sponsors and the weather, check

Full information is available at:


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