Chocolate Ecstasy Tours Launches Coffee & Chocolate Tour Of Notting Hill

The most stimulating tour of London launches this April! Chocolate Ecstasy Tours expands its delicious range of Chocolate Tours to include a Chocolate & Coffee Tour of Notting Hill. The tour lasts for three hours and tickets are £45 per person and include two coffees, one hot chocolate and enough chocolate sampling to leave guests completed chocolate-ed out by the end of the tour. As always, the tour will be as insightful about the history of the area as it is about chocolate and, this time, coffee too!

Limited press tickets are available for Tuesday 15th April at 10:30am.

This April Chocolate Ecstasy Tours launches its first new tour since 2010: the Coffee & Chocolate Tour of Notting Hill. A beautiful and already infamous area, it's also home to some incredible chocolate and fantastic coffee. Over three hours have an experienced guide help you explore these pastel-lined streets and sample some of the most delicious caffeinated treats to keep you buzzing all day.

A perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning for tourists or locals. It's also the most delicious way to learn about Notting Hill. Over a leisurely one mile walk we'll see the key sites from the famous film and along the way visit five venues. We'll sample different methods of making coffee, learn about the coffee-making process and then learn the secrets (and similarities!) to chocolate production and sample award-winning and unusual chocolates. The tour finishes with a rich and indulgent hot chocolate - or iced chocolate or juice of the cocoa fruit in the warmer months. Special discounts have been arranged for customer purchases in the boutiques, but all sampling is included in the ticket price and we guarantee you won't be able to eat any more chocolate by the end of the tour.

The tour launches on Sunday 27 April. Public tours are held on some weekdays and Sunday mornings (see for dates). The tour can also be booked by groups of at least 4 people at their convenience. Maximum group size is 8 on Sundays, 10 on weekdays. Tickets cost £45 including all sampling and drinks (a minimum of two coffees, one hot chocolate and water).

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