Delicious Cocktail Ideas from Wild Knight English Vodka

Real, authentic vodka should be smooth, characterful and soft on the palate, which is exactly how you would describe Wild Knight Ultra-Premium English Vodka.

Using Norfolk's finest barley and the purest water from Eastern England, Norfolk's new Wild Knight English Vodka is both authentic and delicious and perfect for Christmas whether given as a gift, served at a party or mixed into a delicious festive cocktail.

Distilled by hand in small batches, Wild Knight is so pure that only a single distillation is needed. It is soft on the palate, full of character and has such a smooth, long finish meaning it can even be enjoyed neat at room temperature. For a vodka connoisseur it is the ultimate gift this festive season.

Or, if you're planning on wowing your guests, why not try one of these delicious cocktails created by the Wheel Bar at Tuddenham Mill using Wild Knight?

'Hot Tuddy' Cocktail

A warming and delicious combination that's perfect for a cold winter's night.

Serves: 2


50ml of Wild Knight® English Vodka

50ml Calvados

1 tsp demerara sugar

200 ml apple juice


1. Add all the ingredients to a small pan and warm gently, stirring
dissolve the sugar.

2. Serve warm into two tumblers.

Wild Knight Vodka Mojito

A twist on a classic, this updated mojito using vodka is perfect as a pre-dinner or party refresher

Serves: 2


100ml of Wild Knight® English Vodka, chilled

25ml sugar syrup

Soda water, to top up

4 lime wedges

Fresh mint

Crushed ice


1. Add the vodka, sugar syrup, lime wedges and torn mint into a tall


2. Muddle together to release the lime juice and infuse the flavours.

Add crushed ice.

3. Top up with soda, allowing it to rise up through the ice.

4. Stir to bring some of the lime wedges up to the top of the glass.


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