PHROOTI Seeks £150k Crowdcube Investment for New Fruit-Infused Water

Targeting potential investors through a Crowdcube campaign, PHROOTI, a revolutionary and delicious new fruit-infused water, is hoping to achieve £150,000 to help grow the business and launch a new range of bottled drinks.

Sheffield-based PHROOTI was founded by Jerôme Jacob who was fed up with having to settle for tasteless fruit tea and wanted to create a range of products that tackled the sugar-laden soft drinks market.

In a short space of time, Jerome has built a strong team and PHROOTI has become known for its flavour-packed, natural dried fruit powders that form the base of its brand new PHROOTI fruit-infused water.

Perfect for the on-the-go market, PHROOTI fruit-infused water is an all-natural, flavour-packed, no sugar, glass bottle drink, made from real fruit and fresh British water. PHROOTI is available in two delicious flavours: Raspberries and Strawberries and Blackcurrants, Blackberries and Blueberries and the company has developed a unique infusion process that locks in all the fruity flavour and kicks out all of the sugar.

PHROOTI aims to challenge the market, giving fruit juices, smoothies, flavoured waters and soft drinks a run for their money, whilst targeting health conscious, up-to-the-minute consumers who want a delicious drink that tastes of real fruit and is made from real fruit, but without any of the sugar.
As Jerome explains, the Crowdcube investment will allow the brand to target new markets and reach new customers. “With the Sugar Tax looming, manufacturers are under pressure to lower sugar levels in their drinks, which could mean more sweeteners, more additives and less flavour,” explains Jerome. “That's where PHROOTI is different and why the timing is perfect for us to launch this product. People can enjoy a delicious bottle of PHROOTI and know they are treating their bodies to a really healthy drink.”

PHROOTI has already won a handful of high profile awards and is ambitious with its aims. “Our ambition is, by any standards, large: to become the world's number one healthy fruit drink,” continues Jerome. “We've won two listings with major distributors: Cotswold Fayre (retail) and Harry & Parker (foodservice) and are revenue generating. Now, as we refocus towards the bottled market, we are seeking investors through Crowdcube to help facilitate this next stage.

“Through crowdfunding we will be able to move the business to the next level and support the launch of our new bottled products. We feel there is a real gap in the market for healthy fruit drinks that just isn't being met and PHROOTI is the perfect drink to fill it. We hope to achieve plenty of interest from potential investors when our Crowdcube campaign begins on Tuesday 1st November,” adds Jerome(Launch date subject to change).

Anyone interested in investing can invest from as little as £10 and could receive tax relief through the government's SEIS scheme. Simply email to find out more info. Capital at risk.


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