Winter Warmers Squash Effects of Cold Weather

Winter warmers are the way to go on a cold winter's day. Rocks' Lemon Barley and Orange Barley Squash boast the wonderful traditional taste of barley making it a comforting choice brimming with goodness.

Packed with freshly sourced organic ingredients and Rocks Drinks' very own barley infusion, the Barley Squashes offer an abundant source of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Made in Devon using traditional methods, the soft drinks producer has given this classic Barley Squash a fresh twist using their traditional recipe. Produced with handfuls of organic whole oranges and lemons, organic cane sugar, Rocks' own spring water and UK-grown barley they have created an authentic and delicious drink.

With only 29kcals per 250ml (diluted) Lemon Barley serving and 31kcals per 250ml (diluted) Orange Barley serving, these drinks are a great way to give your body a healthy boost throughout the day.

For a warming serving option, simply mix Rocks' creamy Barley Squashes with hot water for a pick-me-up that will warm the cockles on a cold winter's day.

Rocks Orange Barley and Lemon Barley Squash can be purchased online via priced from £3.49 (RSP).  Rocks Orange Barley Squash can also be found in Waitrose stores across the UK.


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