A True-de Taste of Istanbul

Truede - confectionery at its most luxurious. This indulgent range includes authentic, handcrafted Turkish Delight, which blends centuries-old tradition with modern day innovation; exquisite rich chocolate spoons, and delicate cream filled premium wafers.

True delights direct from the gloriously vibrant Turkish city of Istanbul - for retail, gifting, hampers and foodservice.

When East meets West

It is one of the world's oldest sweet treats, a delicacy which has been enjoyed for centuries - yet Turkish Delight still remains the most misunderstood. With just one mouthful, Truede's 'proper' Turkish Delight captures the very essence of Istanbul - dispelling any notion that it is just a chocolate bar, or should only be consumed at Christmas.

Truede Turkish Delight is made using authentic recipes and methods, and all natural ingredients - perfect for the health conscious who still want to indulge in a sweet or two. Combined with innovative and unique flavours, Truede will delight all palates.

Truede's exclusive flavours are: Pomegranate, Rose with Rose Petals, and Lavender, and perennial favourites - Lemon, and Rose. The Truede range also includes: Chocolate Coated Rose, and Chocolate Coated Mint for those who love this timeless combination; Mixed Nut - Coconut, Pistachio and Hazelnut; and for those who prefer no added sugar, indulge in Sugar Free Rose.

Truede Turkish Delight is beautifully packaged for retail and gifting in 300g boxes. It is also available in a stunning Special Edition handmade 250g wooden boxes - Iznik Delight - in Rose & Lemon, and Mixed Nut. Trude Turkish Delight is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, as well as Gluten and GM Free too.

True-ly delightful

For chocoholics everywhere - their very own chocolate spoon! Truede's milk or dark chocolate shaped spoons are perfect for creating some stirring moments. Add touch of luxury to a steaming cup of coffee or go all out and add to a warming hot choc - who needs a real spoon! For retail and foodservice.

Beautifully crisp with an indulgent cream centre - Truede premium wafers add a mouth watering finishing touch to a coffee at the end of a meal, or as a mid morning and afternoon treat. Available in Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Cream, or Cocoa & Hazelnut Cream. For retail and foodservice.

The roots of it all

Businesswoman and entrepreneur Zeynep Turudi has brought Truede to life. Truede harnesses her vision of bringing high quality, real Turkish Delight into the UK, and re-establishing it as a confectionery force to be reckoned with. Passionate about environmental issues and health consciousness, Zeynep insists on using all natural ingredients in her collection of premium quality Turkish Delight.

Zeynep was named the most successful Entrepreneur of the Year by the London-based Business Network Organisation in 2011, and is also committed to supporting other female entrepreneurs worldwide, as well as raising the profile of her home nation.

"With Turkish roots, my parents always brought the real Turkish Delight to the UK to give to all of our friends and neighbours, but they couldn't buy it here. The demand was there, but there was a real gap in the market for a quality Turkish Delight brand, and so Truede was born," says Zeynep.

"Our Turkish Delight is created using natural ingredients and authentic, traditional recipes that never compromise on taste - with a modern twist. We also take into account the increasingly complex dietary needs of our customers to ensure that everyone can indulge in our confectionery - and no one has to miss out."


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