Is Your Finger on the Pulse? Healthy Recipes for the Month of January

The Anjula Devi cookery school uses over 30 different lentils and pulses - from chickpeas to aduki beans, a range of lentils and chana daal.

Anjula grew up eating lentils every Sunday. Anjula's Dad cooked at what is known as the 'langar' at the mandhar (temple). Every temple has a langar where all people are welcome to a free meal regardless of their sex, colour or religion. There are no rituals observed in the langar and everyone eats together. All the food is vegetarian, so that no religious group is offended.

Black lentils is one of the most popular dishes served in the langar. Anjula's Dad used to say that the best food is very often the simplest food. This really is Anjula's soul and comfort food.

Anjula's Dad would often say, "Anjula, these lentils are very good for the heart, they help to circulate the blood around the body. Your great grandfather ate these twice a week and he lived until he was 102."

There are so many incredible recipes that can be created from just one packet of lentils, and Anjula firmly believes that understanding the basics of how to cook lentils can really enable people to improve their health and well-being.

In Indian homes up and down the country, rather than meat, it is actually lentils and pulses along with fresh vegetables that are the dietary staples.

Anjula's latest initiative, 'Is your finger on the pulse…', shares recipes containing an impressive array of lentils, and some amazing pulses like brown chickpeas, cow peas and rosecoco  (crab eye) beans. The delicious prawn and black-eyed peas recipe has just kicked off the initiative by being shared via Anjula's social media sites.

Lentils and pulses are sustainable and very affordable. They contain amazing health benefits which Anjula's clients are already enjoying, along with the phenomenal blend of spices which she adds to her recipes.

Anjula wants to share these recipes and their health benefits with the many people in the UK who still aren't eating these amazing jewels.

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