Spirits Expert Predicts the Year of American Whiskey

Greg Dillon, founder of whisky blog GreatDrams.com, ranked in the top five whisky blogs in the world by the International Whisky Competition, shares his whiskey trend predictions as he looks forward to 2017, the year in which his first book will be published.

A competition judge, presenter of drinks events and online videos, host of bespoke tastings and writer of stories and recommendations around luxury spirits, Greg Dillon comments:

“GreatDrams is my one-man mission to experience, share and inspire everything that's great about premium food and drink. It's a platform that people can visit for fun, and it's also an educational resource.

“In recent years lots has been achieved when it comes to cleverly and more clearly marketing Scotch and Irish whiskey, and I really hope that 2017 will be the year of teaching drinkers more about American whiskey.

“Whisky tourism is set to boom yet again this year, and I'm talking global whisky tourism as American distilleries become more visitor friendly, and more American tourists look to visit the UK and Ireland where local currencies have taken a battering. Distilleries and organised tours are no-brainers and they are perfect for capturing the imagination of whisky drinkers of all ages.

“Whisky and food pairings will also become increasingly relevant to the in-home drinker as people swap dining out for dinner parties to stretch their budget further. On a social level, this provides an opportunity for us all to re-learn the art of hosting and put on a good show for our friends. One pairing that I always love is punchy bourbon-glazed pulled pork that has become my wife's signature dish when we have people round. My tip is to pick a bourbon with more alcohol – around 50% ABV – and go wild marinating the meat. Later use the delicious cooking juices as a base for your own BBQ sauce.”

Greg has most recently become The People's Lovie Winner in the Web: Personal Websites & Blogs category.  The GreatDrams of Scotland, a conversational meander through Scotch's rich history and the brands that made it happen, is due to be released later in 2017.


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