Food trends for 2017

Looking around and seeing what might be big in 2017 I have come up with the following list. I have done this in the past and have been wrong but you never know, some are big some are not.

Authentic, the big word will be make it reel, to know everything about the food they eat, where it comes from, how it’s grown, who grows it. The back story heirloom products that are real, not just a line in a menu but real product knowledge.

Do it yourself, Pickles, and the art of self-preserving Make your own cheese, culture your own yoghurt, air dry your ham and make your own charcuterie, the move to craft and real food.

Grains, grab your grains and get inspired, barley risotto and siyez salad, always quinoa and never forget the lentil, they are healthy, can look amazing, and fill that gluten-free diet option.

Ital, what is Ital, it’s from a Jamaican or Rastafari cuisine all big flavours, jerk spice, citrus – to healthy food. Liverpool’s Ital Fresh is leading the way inn this new street food, soon to hit London and to revitalise vegan cooking.

Insects not sold on this one personally, but it is the future, packed with protein 2017 might just be the year insects make it mainstream in food.

Scandi food. All food a little Nordic might be big, Scandi designs furniture are back, television programs, why not food, rye bread, aquavit, caraway, dill a Smörgåsbord of flavours to play with.

Miso, miso soup yes but you can use it for sauces, spreads, pickling vegetables and meats. High in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. In Japan it is used in traditional and modern cooking, so and has been gaining worldwide interest.

Fruit fot just apples oranges and bananas, but rambutan, mangosteen, African horned cucumber, Miraclefruit and Cherimoya.

Camel milk. Compared to cow, buffalo and ewe milk fat, camel milk fat contains fewer short-chained fatty acids, but the same long-chained fatty acids can be found.  Camel milk has more protein than cow's milk and lower in Cholesterol cow or goat milk. High vitamin and mineral content, three times higher in vitamin C than cow's milk and 10 times higher in iron.

Orange wine, do not know a lot about them but according to Decanter they are the most characterful, thrilling and food-friendly styles on our shelves today, or are they? Never hand any do not know so it’s even time for me to find out.


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