An Indian Adventure Adds Spice To New Cookery Courses At Manna From Devon

Passionate food lovers and enthusiasts, David and Holly Jones, are embarking on a four week adventure across the South Asian country of India to explore native Indian cooking first hand.  They plan to share this new found knowledge in their latest Indian themed cooking classes at Manna from Devon Cooking School on their return in the New Year.

Departing on the 17th December, David and Holly will be travelling across the world’s seventh largest country in a bid to discover traditional Indian cooking techniques and indigenous produce as well as build a greater awareness of the impact of India’s differing climate on food production.

Commenting on their forthcoming journey, David says: “Holly and I have always had a fascination with Asian cuisine and culture and are excited to broaden our understanding and knowledge of Indian food from across the different Indian states.”  David continues: “One of the highlights of our upcoming trip for me is to have the opportunity to experience life on a working farm in Kota.  I am also looking forward to exploring the different baking techniques and breads available in India.”  Holly adds: “I’m particularly interested in discovering the different Indian street foods and experiencing the hustle and bustle of India’s famous food markets.”

On their return, David and Holly are eager to share their new found knowledge and enthusiasm for Indian cuisine and will be running a number of one day ‘Inside Indian’ cooking classes (22nd and 23rd February; 15th and 16th March; 31st May and 1st June) priced at £135 per person.  Based on their travels to the Indian states of Rajasthan and Kerala, two ‘Inside Indian’ cooking classes will be available - ‘Inside North Indian Cooking’ and ‘Inside South Indian Cooking’.

During the ‘Inside North Indian Cooking’ course you’ll learn how to make rich, spicy and intensely flavoured meat and vegetable dishes using dry spices and delicious dals, chutneys and breads.  Whilst the ‘Inside South Indian Cooking’ course focuses on the use of coconut and fresh herbs and spices including cardamom and tamarind to produce tasty seafood curries and traditional vindaloos.  Throughout the day you'll enjoy a tasting menu of the many dishes you have learnt to cook.  Further information can be found on the ‘Inside Indian’ cooking classes on the Manna from Devon website by visiting the Indian and Asian cookery courses page.

David and Holly’s first stop in India will be a four day stay in Delhi, during which visits will be made to the vibrant and bustling food markets, with the flavourful spice markets of particular interest.  After a busy stay in India’s capital, four days will each be spent in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, Udaipur and Kota.  Rajasthan has an extremely hot and dry climate, which has resulted in the use of dry spices within cooking and habitually hot dishes.  Throughout the visit to Rajasthan, David and Holly will be learning about Indian cookery including discovering traditional techniques and recipes.

On departure from Kota, Mumbai - a former collection of seven islands and now India’s most heavily populated city - is David and Holly’s next destination.  Renowned for its diverse markets and thriving cultural life David and Holly will be completing a number of guided food trips across the city.  The final stop of the 30 day trip will be Kerala, in the South West of India.  Kerala’s vast coastline has resulted in a vitally important fishing industry and agricultural sector centred on coconut, tea, coffee and fresh herbs and spice production.

To hear the latest news from David and Holly during their exciting adventure follow their daily blog on, follow Manna from Devon on Twitter (@mannafromdevon) or link up with them on Facebook 


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