Start The New Year As You Mean To Go On With Guilt-Free, Naturally Sweetened Natvia Cocktails

Zero calorie natural sweetener Natvia has teamed up with The Manhattans Project to create delicious sugar-free cocktails for the festive season, allowing you to forgo the guilt and start the New Year just as you had planned - happy and healthy!

For those looking for celebration drink ideas, served up in a martini glass the Natvia Blueberry Daiquiri is perfect for a stylish soiree, and as it contains more than one portion of your daily fruit and veg intake (and a super-food at that), it's actually good for you!

If you're hosting a party and want something simple for your guests to help themselves, try the Natvia Gin Punch. Simple to make, it creates 7-10 portions making it perfect for parties.

If you're more of a traditionalist and love an Old Fashioned or Collins - cocktails that use sugar syrups - don't despair. Natvia is perfect for creating syrup, allowing you to recreate sugar-free versions of the classics.

Unlike other sweeteners on the market, Natvia has a clean, sweet flavour with no unpleasant aftertaste - making it the ideal sugar substitute for those aiming for a no-added sugar lifestyle. So don't give up life's pleasures, enjoy them with Natvia.


Blueberry Daiquiri
Muddle 2tsp natvia with 16 blueberries
Add juice of half lime, 50ml white rum and dash of Angostura bitters.
Shake hard, double strain. Serve up.

Natvia Gin Punch
Muddle two dozen raspberries and the peel of 2 lemons with 2tsps of Natvia.
Leave for 30mins.
Add 250ml gin, juice of 2 lemons.
Shake, strain and serve with ice and soda. Makes 7-10 portions.

Natvia syrup
By volume, 0.75cups natvia to 1cup water.
1tsp for Old Fashioned
10ml for Collins

Old Fashioned
Add 5ml/1tsp Natvia'syrup' to glass, 2 dashes Angostura Bitters, one ice cube and one shot of bourbon.
Stir until the ice cube is dissolved, add more ice and another shot of bourbon and an orange peel twist.
Stir briefly and serve.

About The Manhattans Project

About Natvia
Natvia, the 100% natural sweetener aims to educate the public about the prevention of diabetes and empower the public to join the health revolution by going sugar-free and natural. Making the simple switch from sugar and artificial sweeteners to Natvia is easy for those who are on a quest to live a sugar-free life or would like to cut down on their calorie intake. For more information visit

Where to Find Natvia:
Since launching in the UK this year, Natvia has formed a partnership with famous cupcake bakery, The Primrose Bakery. The Primrose Bakery are stocking Natvia and have also developed cakes using the product to be sold in their London stores. There are also Natvia co-branded drink portion sticks available in EAT stores. Natvia is also available for purchase on Amazon.

100% derived from natural ingredients, Natvia is made from the freshest and sweetest tips of the Stevia plant and expertly blended with a naturally occurring nectar (known as Erythritol) found in melons and grapes.
Natvia does not contain aspartame, sugar or saccharin.
Natvia contains zero calories.
Natvia is low in carbohydrates and is fructose free.
Natvia has a clean, sweet flavour with no unpleasant aftertaste.
Great for cooking, baking and sweetening your drinks.
Distributed to over 36 countries internationally.
Available in drink portion sticks and 200g canister

Retail price: 200g canister, £5.27; Box of 40 sticks, £5.68


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