Calling All Those Related Or Involved With An Ingredient, Food Or Beverage Product Or Range

Upon receiving samples from producers, the "International Taste and Quality Institute "(iTQi) ensures that they are kept in the required conditions by the manufacturer, awaiting the evaluation at the Superior Taste Awards

The products are tested on a blind bases where the expert jury of chefs and sommeliers have no exterior influences whatsoever during the assessment  with no packaging , or brand influence.

The assessments is all about the products themselves, about their flavours and their tastes. It’s about the sensations experienced, the overall feeling of hedonic pleasure and other criteria like vision, smell, texture, flavour and mouth-feel.

Please take a look at the evaluation session:

For each product, iTQi issues a unique confidential report with a sensory evaluation graph detailing the different organoleptic criteria.

 Detailed comments, remarks or suggestions are written by these professional Chefs and Sommeliers who have the capacity to describe gustatory features of food & drink products.

What’s more is that it is an individual evaluation where each products is tasted on its own merits, not competing with others in the categories.

This evaluation process takes the product to the next stage, to potentially achieving an award approved by an international group of leading chefs and sommeliers. Success of this nature may assist in opening global sales opportunities, brand and product awareness, greater negotiating strengths to buyers, retailers and distributers.
Add an endorsement for the consumer, and potentially help increase sales.

For anyone wishing to enter then please contact me for further details.....
Alan Coxon
UK Consultant
International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi
Food & Drink tested by a jury of Chefs & Sommeliers
Tel: +44 1 386 830299

TV Chef /Presenter

Member of the British Royal Academy of Culinary Arts


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