Super Skinny Saviour Snacks Box

You may wonder how the super-slim stay that way and resist the temptation for a sugar-fix. One of the most challenging elements to being lean and healthy is snacking; mostly when, how much and what to snack on. Saviour Snacks – a stylish online snacking service – offers the perfect solution to smart snacking via a regular Monday morning delivery of the Super Skinny Box. Inside the chic packaging is an ever-changing selection of 14 nutritious, super-clean, portion controlled snacks that are 120 calories or less.

When the reality of our busy lives means snacking constitutes more and more of our daily calorie intake, the Saviour Snacks Super Skinny Box subscription allows you to maintain control, avoiding indulging in a calorie-laden pick me up. The Super Skinny Box remains true to the Saviour Snacks ethos – offering healthy, nutritious ‘real’ food options. Low-calorie snacks are notoriously marketed as being ‘healthy’ but often include harmful ingredients such as trans-fats and artificial sweeteners, which are the nemesis for any healthy diet. The trusted Saviour Snacks seal of approval means you can be confident about what you are putting in your body.

The new Saviour Snacks Super Skinny Box includes a selection of own label snacks, for example roasted hazelnut & apple, goji berries & pecans, incan berries & cashews and products from independent suppliers including Clearly Scrumptious Golden berries, Popcorn, Raw Chocolate and Baked Fruit Crisps. All Saviour Snacks boxes are carefully curated and vetted by Saviour Snacks’ dedicated nutritional therapist, Lisa Blair “Smart snacking is the best way to balance blood sugar levels, when people get this right they just feel better – with improved energy levels, less cravings and overeating, which helps people manage their weight.”

With a true dedication to discovering healthy snacks that not only taste amazing but also offer a great nutritional profile, Saviour Snacks scours the market for the most heavenly snacks so you don’t have to! Nutritional therapist, Lisa, hand-picks and approves every snack to ensure it abides to the ‘The Saviour Standard’ – a robust two-stage screening process that examines the overall nutritional profile of the snack, as well as ensuring it meets the seven Nutritional Non-Negotiables:

● NO trans fat
● NO hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fat
● NO artificial additives, colours or preservatives
● NO genetically modified foods
● NO high fructose corn syrup
● ONLY real ingredients that you can pronounce

Saviour Snacks Super Skinny Box can be ordered on a subscription basis and delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or you can purchase a box as a one-off or as a gift. All Saviour Snacks boxes come with their own bite-size menu card, which highlights important free-from information along with key nutritional facts for each product.

Saviour Snacks Super Skinny Box, £15 (plus £2.22 P&P)

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