"iTQi", The Ultimate Awarding Body That Tests And Promotes Superior Tasting Food From Around The World

Last year the professional International jury of chefs and sommeliers gave recognition to new flavors from 6 continents!

The iTQi jury is selected from within 15 of the most prestigious associations from around Europe, and as such, the Chefs and Sommeliers are leaders in their field and know which qualities make great food and drinks.

The iTQi Judges are chosen for their extended practice in tasting, their exceptional expertise, their capacity to describe gustatory features of food & drink products and their ability to suggest potential improvements within the framework of sensory analysis, which is the essence of their profession.

This International Taste and Quality Institute ensure that products are judged without subjectivity in order to receive the true benefits of the award.
These benefits include:

· Detailed reports of the tastings with comments and suggestions made by the judges. These reports of the tastings are written with the Quality Departments in mind, providing a full overview of how the products have been tasted.
·  A convincing and independent argument for business negotiations showing endorsements by the qualified chefs and sommeliers (B2B)
· A clearly differentiating message against competition (B2C) using the Marketing tools we provide to be used on packages, advertising, commercials, social media…etc.
· International media coverage of the Awards where all awarded products are celebrated.
Overall, the participation in the Superior Taste Awards brings benefits to many people involved in making a products existence a success.

From the Quality managers for improvement or motivation, to the sales team and export team to appeal to buyers, to the marketing managers who directly communicate to the consumers and differentiate from other products, and finally to the actual consumer who acknowledge the taste and quality of the awarded product.

For further details about entering this award please contact Alan Coxon or visit the www.iTQi.com  website

Alan Coxon
UK Consultant
TV Chef /Presenter
International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi
Food & Drink tested by a jury of Chefs & Sommeliers
Tel: +44 1 386 830299

Member of the British Royal Academy of Culinary Arts www.alancoxon.com 


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