Two Consecutive FOOD Awards Reinforce Aspect Bar's Championing Of Seaside Chefs

Morecambe Bay eatery, Aspect Bar and Bistro, has achieved a major coup ahead of it staging the final of the Seaside Chef of the Year contest this weekend, by winning a FOOD Awards 'Best Bistro” award for the second year running.

Aspect's owners, Paul and Judy Bury, learned of their success on November 8 at a gala dinner at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel.  They were delighted by the news, especially as it is the diner's voice that counts in these awards.

The timing could not be more perfect.  Having won the FOOD Awards 'Best Bistro' title in 2014, Aspect decided to use it as a platform from which to champion chefs in traditional seaside resorts around Britain's coastline.  By launching the Seaside Chef of the Year contest, it selflessly set out to change the image of seaside food in Britain and prove that, despite the prejudice and inherent British food snobbery, seaside eateries could be regarded as destination restaurants.  Its efforts have not been in vain.

The contest attracted entries from around Britain's coastline and has resulted in two finalists – Stuart White from the Victoria Hotel in Sidmouth and Anthony Greenland from the Best Western Vine Hotel, Skegness, reaching a cook-off final.

This interactive event will be staged at Aspect on Sunday, with guests at a ticketed dinner being able to find out how the cook-off has progressed, what the judges thought of the dishes and why the chefs created the dishes in the way that they did.  They will also enjoy a banquet menu that comprises the starters and mains of Aspect's executive chef, Gavin Riley, and the desserts of Anthony and Stuart.

The contest will be judged by Paul and Judy, Gavin and guest judge, Stefano Corvucci, otherwise known as the Boho Chef.  He will fly in from Bologna that day, to deliver his verdict on the cook-off and the dishes created.

The major triumph of this event will, however, be the fact that it has already made waves and begun to shift British perceptions of food served on promenades and by piers.

Paul Bury says:  “This contest is challenging the traditional image of seaside food and proving that seaside eateries, like Aspect, can be amazing destination dining venues.  It has taken on the snobbery that exists in a foodie world in which diners will readily head to an untried country inn or city restaurant for a meal, but think twice about driving to the seaside.  It has already begun to give seaside chefs a voice and with ambassadors like Stuart and Anthony, we can continue to spread the word.  Regardless of who wins, both chefs can be proud at having got this far and been part of this groundbreaking and perception shifting competition.”

A few tickets for the Sunday evening event and dinner are still available.  Call 01524 416404 to be part of foodie history in the UK.   

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