Alternative Christmas Dinner - Knock Out Nut Roast Recipe

You may have seen Vodafone's Christmas ad starring #TerryTheTurkey, if you haven't it's a cracker! This year we are presenting an alternative Christmas dinner and helping others to do the same with an inspirational recipe from Vegetarian Chef Eddie Shepherd – an elegant twist on the humble nut roast.

Vodafone's Knock Out Nut Roast

Complete dish includes a Butternut Squash, Feta and Hazelnut Roast. With Cranberry 'Glass', Vanilla Mayonnaise, Beetroot and a Mulled Wine Reduction -

250g Cooked Black Beans
One Butternut Squash
400g Feta
100g Breadcrumbs
3 Free-Range Eggs
75g Dried Cranberries
50g Chopped Hazelnuts
4 Tablespoons Chopped Fresh Parsley
2 Teaspoons Ground Cinnamon
Zest and Juice of One Lemon
Salt and Pepper to taste

Place 2cm peeled butternut squash cubes in a roasting tray and dress with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt. Then roast the squash in the oven at 200C for 35-40 minutes, until soft all the way through each cube.

In a blender blitz the black beans to a paste then in a bowl mix in the breadcrumbs, eggs, cranberries, hazelnuts, parsley, cinnamon and lemon into the black bean puree.

Finally crumble the feta into the black bean mixture and add in the roasted butternut squash, mix these through by hand, without breaking up the squash. Season the mixture to taste with salt and pepper.

Roll a quarter of this mixture using grease proof paper to form a tube about 5 cm thick. Wrap this paper tube within a layer of tin foil to keep the shape. Repeat this process for the rest of the mixture.

Prick the cylinders with a cocktail stick to allow steam to escape while cooking. Bake the finished cylinders in the oven at 180C for one hour, then allow to cool. Carefully remove the foil and paper and slice the nut roast into portions.

To serve drizzle with a little olive oil and warm the portions of the nut roast in the oven at 180C for 5 minutes or until hot through.

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