Tea for a Tipple at Stoke Newington's New High Street Pub

Stoke Newington is getting an early Christmas present this year, in the shape of an innovative, new pub, The Stoke Newington Tea house, which opened its doors on Friday 11th December.

Known for doing things a little differently, owners Yummy Pub Co. are presenting the latest addition to their teeny, tiny, beautiful boutique pub company, bursting onto the high street with a reinvented version of the Great British Pub, complete with a tea twist. And in the run up to Christmas the team will be giving away 1,000 cups of tea in random acts of kindness, surprising strangers, family and friends with a welcome brew.

“Where there is tea, there is hope,” the famous words from London playwright Arthur Pinero ring true at the pub, where there will be a plethora of delicious brews from around the globe, as well as a specialist cocktail list of tasty tea tipples.

A significant non-feature is the bar – there isn't one. There's still a plentiful amount of drink options on offer, guests can select their drink of choice from six hand pulls with regularly rotating craft ales, as well as lagers, bitters and stouts.

As they step into the cosy space, guests will be greeted by a vaulted bookcase displaying over 100 styles of brews. From early morning through to evening, sample loose leaf, light, dark or green, subtle and strong, classic and fruity infusions. There will also be six special mixtures presented each day for those who want to experiment with new flavours.

Escape the cold and snuggle up in one of the pub's many booths, whilst dipping into different blends served in clay and metal pots or grab a blanket and venture into the heated pub garden.

The friendly Yummy team are on hand to help and each member has been fully trained in the perfect pour; whether tea, beer, wine or cocktails. For dedicated coffee drinkers, Stoke Newington Tea House will also have specialist coffee available from the Gentlemen Baristas.

With an emphasis on locally sourced products, accompanying the drinks menu will be a feast of all-day brunch options with freshly baked bread from local Stoke Newington bakery, delectable small plate British Tapas (a Yummy specialty), classic British pub food and mouth-watering Sunday Roasts.

Those with a sweet tooth can also delight in baked cakes, such as the classic red velvet, coffee and walnut, as well as tea infused desserts.

Tim Foster, Owner of Yummy Pub Co., said: “This pub has been years in the making and it's taken blood, sweat, tears and a lot of tea tasting to make it happen. We like to put our own spin on things and we're celebrating the classic British brew by presenting it in a whole new way, as a part of the Great British Pub.

“We're really excited to be part of a new community and venture into a new area of London. Our people are what make ours pubs great, that includes our customers - we can't wait to meet our new regulars. And, we've added another 24 team members to the Yummy family!

Yummy have also recognised the great talents of tea specialist, Lucy Chappell, who is the owner of soon-to-launch 'The London School of Tea', which will have its home above the pub.

Lucy spent a year in Darjeeling, India studying tea management and botany. She is also a consultant for a top tea company and spends her time training, teaching and advising about modern tea culture and new trends. If you are already in the tea trade or just a die-hard tea fanatic then you can enjoy one of the 4 specialist tea classes for professionals or something lighter for the home enthusiast.

For more information about the Yummy Pub Co, please visit: http://yummypubco.com/; keep up to date with the latest Yummy news by following them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yummy-Pub-Co/ and Twitter at @yummypubco.
Opening times and information:

Monday - Thursday: 9am – 11pm

Friday - Saturday: 9am – Midnight

Sunday: 9am – 11pm

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