Left Your Christmas Gift-Buying to the Last Minute?

All the lists in the world don't seem to stop one person being left out each year. That awful moment when you realise there are just a few days until Christmas and you've completely forgotten one of the people who'll be expecting a gift from you. You could recycle something you were given last year... and hope it wasn't from them in the first place. Or you could pull a bottle of wine from the cupboard ... and hope they don't guess you had planned to drink it yourself. 

Save embarrassment and head online to www.ChocolateEcstasyTours.com and order a Golden Ticket to London's highest-rated chocolate experience: a luxurious Chocolate Ecstasy Tour. Surprise them with a ticket to pure indulgence. You can print a PDF of the Golden Ticket immediately after ordering (even on Christmas morning!) and wrap it around a Chocolate Orange or slip it in a bar from your corner store – all of a sudden your forgetfulness is concealed by what will look like creative intention!

Tickets start at £33 for the three-hour Chocolate Treats Tour in Brighton (cake, gelato, hot chocolate, truffles and Brighton's history); £36 for Ice Cream Ecstasy in Soho & Covent Garden (tasting more than 20 flavours of frozen treats and fulfilling the dreams of hard-core ice cream lovers); and from £40 for the three indulgent ambles through the gilded streets of Mayfair, Chelsea or Notting Hill. For true cocoa-obsessives there's an all-inclusive, full day tour with light breakfast, travel by taxi, gourmet lunch and wine, chocolate-making demonstration and in-depth tasting at £165pp.

If you see this by Monday 21st you can pay £2.95 to have Golden Tickets posted discretely to an address of your choice. For £5.50 it'll include a carefully-curated, craft map of London's best chocolate shops to revisit favourites and explore the others on their own time.

Who wouldn't appreciate tasting award-winning, melt-in-the-mouth, gourmet chocolates whilst being guided around London or Brighton by a local expert? With tours offered every weekend as well as during the week – and the ability to use the vouchers towards alternative tours – the lucky receiver will have no trouble redeeming the voucher. Or you can book a specific date when you buy and make a reservation for a special meal on the same day to make it really look like you planned it all well in advance! Just leave a gap between the meal and the tour because Chocolate Ecstasy Tours promise you will leave them feeling completely full of chocolate!

If you want to find out more about Chef Wise go to the Chef Wise web site just follow the links below.


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