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North West sustainable food business, Roaming Roosters, launches new Ready to Cook range, offering customers healthy, meaty convenience meals.In keeping with the Lancashire company's 'food that makes you feel good' strapline, the meal range is made up from a selection of Roosters' grass fed meats.Coming from a third generation of farmers and butchers, the company works with local, sustainable farming suppliers, committed to the grass feeding techniques and natural growth processes which ultimately make for a better end product. Grass fed meat is proven to provide more Omega 3 fats and is four times higher in Vitamin E, without any of the hidden, unwanted extras.

The new Ready to Cook range priced from £2.95 to £5.50, gives people who lead a busy lifestyle the chance to eat well, with minimum effort.  The dishes come pre-seasoned or with sauces, so that all customers need do is put in the oven in the ready to bake tray, or throw into a pan and add extras such as rice, potatoes and vegetables should they wish.
Roosters created the range after realising there was a niche in the market for working professionals leading a busy lifestyle. Food fast rather than fast food was the emphasis and the company have created a variety of quality dishes to suit all meat lovers.

“Made by our skilled butchers, the Ready to Cook range is perfect for various customers and their different lifestyles; we work alongside local farmers and work hard to keep our foods natural and without any unnecessary stabilisers and modifiers,” said Simon Mellin, co-owner of Roaming Roosters.

“We are keen to take the stigma associated with the traditional 'ready meal' idea, and turn it into a positive.  Grass fed meat is a much healthier and tastier option for customers; this combined with the minimal effort needed to prepare the dishes makes them a must have in every household.”

Beef Olives are amongst the meals; a creative dish that combines grass fed, dry aged minute steaks with the company's homemade, free range British pork, Jalapeno and sun dried tomato sausage meat. 

Hunters Chicken is set to be a new favourite; Roosters free range chicken breasts pierced and stuffed with locally sourced Cheddar cheese and then wrapped in the company's own smoked back bacon.  Smothered in their homemade BBQ sauce, the dish works well with sweet potato fries.

Inspired by dishes from across the globe, the sustainable foodies have also created their own Italian style meatballs.  Minced British lamb, mixed with herbs and spices is rolled into balls to create an exciting dish that can either be cooked in the tray, or removed and cooked as you wish.

Paul White, business development manager for the company said, “We've a number of different dishes that we're sure will be a big hit with our customers. We like to think we have made shoppers' lives a little easier, while ensuring there is no compromise on the quality of their food.”  

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