Two Bournemouth chocolatiers are riding the crest of a wave after being asked to host their popular chocolate workshops on board cruise liners in the Caribbean.

Gerry Wilton and Huw Davies from Bournemouth’s family owned Chocolate Boutique Hotel will teach guests the art of chocolate making on board the Thomson Celebration and Thomson Dream ships as they cruise the Caribbean islands.

As well as covering the history of chocolate, the fun, floating workshops will also include chocolate tasting and Belgian chocolate truffle making. Guests will also find out how a chocolate pizza is crafted.

First to leave the UK will be chocolatier Gerry, who will join guests on board the Thomson Celebration on 12th April for the 12-nights Transatlantic Moments Cruise.

This sails from the hypnotic calypso isle of Barbados to Tenerife, taking in the ‘Spice Island’ of Grenada as well as St Lucia, known for its cocoa industry, St Kitts and Antigua.

Two days later Huw Davies will join guests on board the Thomson Dream for the 18 nights Transatlantic Sunset cruise. This takes in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, British Virgin Islands, St Maarten, St Kitts and Antigua before sailing back to Majorca via the Azores, Gibraltar and Spain.

“The Caribbean is held in high regard as a cocoa-producing region so this is a perfect opportunity for guests to find out how the humble cocoa bean is transformed into delicious chocolate,” says Gerry.

“At the end of these sessions guests could find they’re Britain’s answer to Willy Wonka in The Art of Chocolate Making.”

The 12 nights Thomson Celebration ‘Transatlantic Moments cruise departs on 12th April 2015.

The 18 nights Thomson Dream Transatlantic Sunset cruise departs on 14th April 2015.

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