Preserves, Pickles & Cures - Recipes For The Modern Kitchen Larder

Preserves, Pickles & Cures
Recipes for the modern kitchen larder
Thane Prince

9781910496039, £16.99
28th May 2015

Many of us remember jams and chutneys made by grandmothers and great aunts who also seemed to know exactly how long to boil a ham, how to keep butter, and who had a magical pantry full of secret delights. Pickling, jam making, salting, curing, rendering, cheese making – these traditional skills of preserving are in demand as more of us want to make use of home-grown produce, reduce our food budget or rediscover cooking from scratch.

Packed with fantastic recipes, this book is not only a celebration of lost skills but also advises on the best way to store food.

Thane Prince is a chef, author, journalist and 'eat judge' on the BBC's 'Big Allotment Challenge'. She has been cooking and writing about food for over 20 years.


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