The Ultimate Sandwich - 100 Classic Sandwiches, From Reuben To Po'boy And Everything in Between

The Ultimate SandwichJonas Cramby

9781909815841, £14.99
11th June 2015

100 classic sandwiches, from Reuben to Po'boy and everything in between

Jonas Cramby hates sandwiches … but he also loves them. Growing up he had a constant conflict with his family, which in some ways may be the basis for his ambivalent attitude towards sandwiches today. This didn't improve when he moved away from home – encountering plastic wrapped breads with mayo-drenched filling and wilted lettuce leaf; tough, dry ciabatta bread with lumpy margarine, rolled up slices of pre-cut cheese and a standard tomato; and dry, boring bread with no substance. He believes a sandwich is all about the whole; about neither the bread nor the filling nor the condiment taking over, and that making a sandwich is something of an art form – you'll need an absolutely perfect balance between flavour and texture from the very beginning in each individual bite.

The Ultimate Sandwich brings you a sandwich culinary delight of Jonas's journey around the world searching for his sandwich highs – from eating pastrami on rye in a New York deli, to a croque at a café in Paris, or a bao from a street stall in Taiwan. Whether you choose to make your sandwiches completely from scratch or buy all the ingredients in a shop and then assemble at home – or do something in between, this is quite simply a cookbook that at last affords the modest sandwich all the respect that it deserves.

Jonas Cramby works as a writer, food critic and columnist. In 2009 he was named Columnist of the year for his columns in the Swedish monthly magazine, Café. Jonas has a series of food programs on YouTube, and a phenomenal 11.7k follower on Instagram. He is the author of Tex-Mex from Scratch and Texas BBQ.

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The Ultimate Sandwich is published by Pavilion Books


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