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Is becoming a vegetarian or vegan the only way to eat less meat? Certainly not according to The Flexitarian (a.k.a The Flexible Vegetarian), a UK blog by Annabelle Randles. While last year a study revealed that 84% of vegetarians go back to consuming meat*, adopting a flexitarian lifestyle by reducing the amount of meat you eat is, for most people, much less daunting than stopping eating meat altogether.

The Flexitarian is not another vegetarian blog but a blog about sustainable food discussing issues around health, animal welfare and the environment. Readers can browse delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes created by Annabelle Randles. There is also a Meat Free Week Meal Plan to help formulating family meals. Features also include seasonal food, local food, how to reduce food waste, eating less & better meat.

Annabelle Randles truly believes that the future of food lies in a plant-based diet and in her blog she wants to share her passion for real food and personal journey as a flexitarian. Born and bred in France, the country of food lovers, Annabelle Randles was always an avid meat lover. Yet her attitude towards what she ate evolved when she started looking at the issues around animal welfare, modern farming and the impact of meat on the environment.  Today she hardly ever eats meat and does not miss it.

Conventional meat and dairy production has a negative impact on the environment as well as animal welfare. Population growth is outpacing food supply and our food system is currently not viable. With the world population set to reach 9.1 billion by 2050, it is paramount that meat consumption goes down if we want to ensure sustainability. Eating too much meat has also been linked to health issues such as cholesterol, heart disease and cancer.

Restoring a healthy and balanced food system is paramount to ensuring the wellbeing of future generations. The Flexitarian aims to become a source of inspiration for vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian cooking while promoting seasonal and sustainable food.

Annabelle Randles is available for recipe development and collaboration. For more information, please visit, email or call 0845.463.3835


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