Cup Dispensers and Holders get caffe Culture launch!

March 2012
Café products specialists, Mitchell and Cooper will be bringing three brand new, innovative products to Caffe Culture this year. (Stand G7). All have been designed and manufactured in the U.K and provide innovative storage solutions for both lids and cups alike.

The Bonzer® Hexdome is a unique, stylish and flexible solution to cup dispensing that stabilises cups and lids whilst increasing hygiene and brand presence in any catering outlet.  Tidy and compact, the Bonzer® Hexdome makes efficient use of surface space whilst increasing brand awareness and thanks to its unique modular design and completely customisable branding possibilities on almost every surface, it is a must have for any café outlet service.

The Bonzer® Hexdome will suit any surface size, with each individual unit designed to interlink and lock together to create a bespoke cup dispensing facility.  The unique silicone dome, which is available in a range of colours will provide a stable and anti knock over effect ensuring stabilisation of even tall stacks of cups. 

Fully dishwasher safe, therefore easy to keep clean, you can ensure that you are presenting customers with 100% clean cups and lids everyday. Accessory products are also available to dispense lids and stirring sticks, thus allowing caterers to provide a full service to their customers!

Other launches for Mitchell & Cooper at Caffe Culture this year include the brand new range of colour options for the Bonzer Cup Dispensers.  The new outer rims are now available in bespoke colours allowing brand presence and corporate style to be carried throughout the interior design of the service space.  Suitable for both lids and cups the dispensers can either be built into the counter or if more convenient can be secured on the side of a cabinet or wall.

For more information on The Bonzer® Hexdome or Bonzer Cup and lid dispensers please contact Mitchell and Cooper’s on 01825 765511 or visit


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