Walnut bread.

Now this recipe is one that I know works really well and produces a really tasty bread at the end of it. You can substitute in to this any number of things apart from just walnuts, apple and cheese, garlic and herbs, onions and species and dried fruit and mixed spices. In fact if you think it will work in a bread this is a good recipes for experimenting with. I remember my stilton and bacon being a favourite of mine but not popular with every one, and once I did go over the top with the cardamoms in it , but you get the idea.
You will need
450g/1lb strong whole meal or white flour
A good pinch of salt
A pinch of sugar
30g/1oz fresh yeast
225ml/8floz milk or water
120g/4oz chopped walnuts
60g/2oz sultanas

Start by sifting your flour in to a large bowl. Then add a little of the milk or water to the yeast with a pinch of the sugar. Sugar helps the yeast to get to work really quickly.
Now you need you liquid warm but not hot, no hotter than 43c or 110f to hot and it will kill the yeast from working. What you want is it to be about body temperature but not cold. Now you will read in some books that you need the liquid cold and the yeast needs to have no sugar in ti as this will not work. And yes it doe run the risk of letting the yeast burn out to early but only if you go away and leave it for a long time. By the time you make you dough you will be past the stage that you have to worry about. Just do not get the salt mixed up with the sugar, that would be a disaster.

Now add your walnuts and sultanas to the flour along with the salt. Then add the yeast and the rest of the liquid and work it together to make a dough. Turn that out or use a machine to knead the dough. Then cover and leave it till it has doubled in size.
Knock this back and then roll out and from the bread that you want, rolls or a loaf. Leave them once more until once again they have grown and doubles in size.

Preheat the oven to 220c/425f, and once this is ready bake the bread for about 30 to 35 minutes all depending on what you have made. It is ready when you get that hollow sound when you tap in on the bottom.
Then all you need to do is resist the temptation of not eating it all before it cools down.


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