Cool Summer Teas

English Breakfast may be the country's tea of choice to kick start the day, but as the sun shines it's time to explore the sophisticated flavour combinations of green teas and fruity caffeine-free tisanes - served in refreshing new ways.

For Summer afternoons and evenings try long, cool fruity tisanes, such as Newby's naturally caffeine-free Rooibos Orange packed with citrus flavours or get into the Wimbledon spirit with luscious Strawberry & Mango. See recipe cards attached.

With all cold teas or tisanes, it is important to initially brew hot – as per specific on-pack instructions – to ensure the full flavour infuses before chilling. If making large pouring jugs of summer coolers remember to keep proportions in balance (one pyramid per cup) before pouring over plenty of ice and decorating with pretty springs of mint and slices of fruit.

Newby's unique Jasmine Princess combines all the anti-oxidant health benefits of green tea with the delicate floral taste of Jasmine blossoms. Fresh night-flowering blossoms are carefully laid out onto the Spring-harvested hand-rolled green tea leaf pearls over several nights until the flavour and aroma is fully absorbed – this attention to detail delivers a truly fragrant, light yellow afternoon cup.

Recognised over hundreds of years for its invigorating and stomach-soothing properties, Peppermint tisane is a perfect end note – hot or cold – for a summer meal. Newby's award winning Peppermint silken pyramids contains 100% Peppermint leaves so delivers a clear mint flavour followed by a cool and clean aftertaste.

Newby's award winning Silken Pyramids range of twelve delectable teas and tisanes are available at Waitrose and online at from £5.75 per pack. Exclusive Jasmine Princess and Kan-Junga at £6.95. @newbyteas.

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